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Editor Aasmund Olavsson Vinje
Henrik Ibsen
Paul Botten-Hansen
Categories literature
Frequency weekly
First issue January 1851
Final issue September 1851
Country Norway
Based in Kristiania
Language Norwegian

Andhrimner was a literary and satirical weekly magazine, issued from January to September 1851 in Kristiania, Norway.

History and profile

Andhrimner was established in 1851,[1] as Manden ("The Man"), but was later renamed after Andhrímnir of Norse mythology.[2] Its editors were Aasmund Olavsson Vinje, Henrik Ibsen and Paul Botten-Hansen.[3] Some of Ibsen's early literary attempts were published in this magazine, under the pseudonym Brynjulf Bjarme, such as his poem Bjergmanden and the parody play Norma.

Even though it was a literary magazine first and foremost, it was also noted for its satire. It is regarded as Norway's second satirical magazine, after Krydseren.[4]


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