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Anholt Offshore Wind Farm

Anholt Offshore Wind Farm
File:Anholt September 2014.jpg
Location of Anholt Offshore Wind Farm in Denmark
Country Denmark
Location Kattegat near Norddjurs

56°36′0″N 11°12′36″E / 56.60000°N 11.21000°E / 56.60000; 11.21000Coordinates: 56°36′0″N 11°12′36″E / 56.60000°N 11.21000°E / 56.60000; 11.21000{{#coordinates:56|36|0|N|11|12|36|E|type:landmark_region:DK |primary |name=

Status Operational
Construction began 2012
Commission date 4 September 2013
Construction cost 10 billion Danish kroner
Owner(s) DONG Energy
Wind farm
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Power generation
Units operational 111
Make and model Siemens Wind Power: SWP-3.6-120[2]
Nameplate capacity 400 MW
Capacity factor 48.7 %[3]

Anholt Offshore Wind Farm is a Danish offshore wind power wind farm in the Kattegat, between Djursland and Anholt island. With a nameplate capacity of 400 megawatts (MW), it is the third largest offshore wind farm in the world (along with BARD Offshore 1) and the largest in Denmark. A cable from the wind farm to Anholt replaces most of the diesel-powered electricity on the island.[4]



The project was conceived in February 2008, as part of the Danish government's Energy Policy Agreement.[5] The wind farm costs an estimated 10 billion Danish kroner (€1.35 bn, US$1.65 bn). During operation, DONG receives a feed-in tariff of 1.051 DKK/kW·h (17 US¢/kW·h) for the first 20 TW·h (about 12–13 years of production),[6] whereas the 207 MW Rødsand 2 receives 0.629 DKK/kW·h for 10 TW·h.[7]

DONG Energy was the only bidder for the project, and received the license to build it in 2010.[8][9] Newsmedia and politicians suggest a tight schedule with tough sanctions as reasons for the single bid and higher price,[10][11] and the subsequent Horns Rev 3 offshore wind farm had 4 bidders in 2015 and costs 0.77 DKK/kW·h, well below the 105 øre at Anholt.[12]


DONG contracted Siemens Wind Power to supply 111 3.6 MW wind turbines for the project,[13] placed in Script error: No such module "convert". water depth.[1]

The transformer platform increases voltage from 33 to 220 kV for transporting the alternating current power Script error: No such module "convert". to land through a single 3-conductor cable (diameter Script error: No such module "convert".)[14] and a further Script error: No such module "convert".[15] to Trige (near Aarhus) where a 400 kV main power hub can distribute the power.[16][17]

The agreement requires first power to be produced before the end of 2012, and be fully commissioned before the end of 2013.[1] In March 2011, DONG Energy sold 50% of the Anholt wind farm to a consortium consisting of PensionDanmark (30%) and PKA (Pensionskassernes Administration, 20%) for DKK 6 billion (US$1.14 billion) payable in 4 rates between 2011 and 2013.[18][19]

Usually, turbines are placed in a grid pattern of lines and rows. But the turbines of AOWF are placed in an unusual pattern, governed by two principles: put most of them along the edges, and put most in undisturbed airflow from the main direction, which is West-southwest. This would increase production by 1.5%, a lifetime value of more than 100m DKK.[20]


On 31 December 2011, the heavy lift vessel (HLV) Svanen placed the first foundation monopile.[21]

Official construction of the wind farm started on 13 January 2012.[22]

The first turbine was installed on 3 September and connected to the Danish power grid on 21 September.[23]

In May 2013, AOWF became Denmark's largest wind farm when 59 turbines were grid connected, totalling 212MW and surpassing Horns Rev 2. The vessel Sea Installer managed to erect a complete tower (saving time), and installed a wind turbine in 7 hours.[24]

On 19 May 2013, the installation vessel Sea Power erected the last of the 111 turbines at Anholt Offshore Wind Farm.[25]

The wind farm achieved full power in June 2013,[26][27] and was inaugurated and commissioned on 4 September 2013.[10][28]


The connection cable has been out of service two times; first the land cable failed for a week in 2014 costing 9 million DKK in compensation to DONG. In February 2015 the sea cable failed, and Anholt island reverted to its diesel engines.[29]

As of 2014, the farm has produced 2,834 GWh.[3]

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