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Launched 2013 (2013)
Network Discovery Digital Networks
Country USA
Language English

Animalist is one of the networks under Discovery Digital Networks based upon animal-themed video content.[1] Animalist, along with Revision3, TestTube, and the Defranco Network make-up the web-original video arm for Discovery Communications.[2] It launched in Fall of 2013.


  • Animalist News
  • Animal Takedowns with Tay Zonday
  • Animals With Low Self Esteem
  • Before it Was Cool With Hamilton The Hipster Cat
  • Big Cat Rescue
  • Cat Mojo with Jackson Galaxy[3]
  • Cole & Marmalade
  • Discovery World Safari
  • Furrocious with Mike Falzone
  • Lil BUB's Big Show[4]
  • Petsami
  • Pudge It Yourself
  • Truther Cats
  • Weird, Gross and Beautiful with Catie Wayne


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