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Annanur Railway Station in Thirumulaivoyal Village

Coordinates: Template:IndAbbr 13°6′6″N 80°7′42″E / 13.10167°N 80.12833°E / 13.10167; 80.12833Coordinates: Template:IndAbbr 13°6′6″N 80°7′42″E / 13.10167°N 80.12833°E / 13.10167; 80.12833{{#coordinates:13|6|6|N|80|7|42|E|type:city_region:IN-Template:IndAbbr |primary |name=

Country India
State Tamil Nadu
District Thiruvallur
 • Official Tamil
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 101
Telephone code 044
Vehicle registration TN-12
Nearest city Chennai
Climate Tropical (Köppen)

Annanur (Tamil: அண்ணனூர்) is a locality near Avadi in Chennai. It is located about 25 km from the city centre.


Thirumullaivoyal revenue is surrounded by Red Hills Lake, Oragadam, Ambattur, Avadi, Ayanambakkam, within Thirumullaivoyal has large area of lakes such as Thirumullaivoyal lake, Arapath Lake, Ambattur Lake, etc. lot of green belt areas belongs to air, railways, temples, Tamil Nadu Police, etc.


The majority of Annanur residents are railway employees, government and public servants and the traditional Annanur inhabitants. Individual plot owners out number than flat owners. Flat system has recently started to sell its business.[citation needed]



Annanur is served by the Annanur railway station on the Chennai suburban railway, which provides train service to Chennai.

Annanur Railway Station falls within in Ambattur Taluk, Tiruvallur District, within municipal limits of Avadi Municipality. Bounded north by Redhills Lake, South By Parithipattu (Avadi), Ayappakam, East by Ambattur Zone (CHENNAI CORPORATION) West by parithipattu (Avadi), Thirumullaivoyal has two railway stations (Halt)1.Thirumullaivoyal 2. Annanur within one kilometer distance.


Chennai Tirupati National High Way (NH 205) is the main road connectivity to Annanur Railway Station in Thirumulaivoyal, 60 Feet Railway Station Road (Railway Road) is the connecting road from NH 205 to Annanur Railway Station, Avadi Car Shed Complex. Presently NH 205 is under road widening. This project is under taken by Transstroy India.[1]

There is proposal by Tamil Nadu Highways Department, under Rural Road Scheme, NABARD, having its office in chengalpattu, to construct road over bridge across at Railway Level Crossing No.7 at 17/34-18/2 in between Ambattur and Avadi (Near Annanur Railway Station)Detailed Project Report is prepared by The ALPS INCORPORATION Chennai.[2] which will connect to Chennai Bypass, Outer Ring Road, NH.4

Location in context


St. Peter's Engineering College is located near the Annanur railway station. It is approximately 1.5 km from the Annanur railway station and is also well connected to Avadi and Ambattur by road.rangasamy teacher training institue is located near solambedu sri perumalkovil [3]


Full Gospel Telugu Baptist Prayer House, Chennai

Full Gospel Telugu Baptist Prayer House, Chennai is a Christian Worship Center located in E.S.I Anna Nagar in Annanur Locality. Institute organizes Sunday school, youth fellowship, Sunday worship , Wednesday bible study, sisters fasting prayer special prayer on 1st of every month, healing prayers, and many fellowship programs.[4]

Youth Fellowship Program

Youth Fellowship is a program for the youth to grow in the foot steps of Jesus Christ. This program is administered by P.A.Stephen Kumar (M.D)

Asirvadam Foundation

The institution also runs Asirvadam Foundation, a non-profit organization for the Education of the School Children from poor backgrounds.[5]


Nearby is the Vaishnavi Temple next to Vaishnodevi. Famous in the season of Navratri, In Thirumullaivoyal. Right on the National Highway 205 you can see the police station and next to this you can see the arch of the temple leading into a serene temple situated in lush 50 acres of private land. The temple is run by volunteers and you have the privilege of doing pooja archanai or abhishekam yourself all under guidance by the volunteer devotees. The temple houses the idols of Ganesha and Muruga. A small shrine for Ganesha near the tree and another for Dakshinamurthy are also found. Navagraha idols are also installed in this temple. The temple entrance has two small idols of Hayagreevar and Agastya. Sri Parthasarathy, the son of Srinivasa Iyengar, a famous Indian national leader, got the idol of Vaishnavi Devi as a gift from some unknown person maybe a siddhar. He built this temple of Vaishnavi Devi in 1954. The main idol of the temple Vaishnavi Devi is extraordinarily beautiful. The samadhi of sri Parthasarathy can be seen in the fore front here. The temple is open on all days except first Monday of every month in the mornings.

the famous Shiva Temple is the oldest of chola temples. In ancient times, two Kurumbars named Vanan and Onan. King Thondaiman who was the emperor there tried to end the atrocities by waging a war against them. En route to the war-field, his elephant's leg was surrounded by mullai creepers. The king, while cutting those climbers, found blood oozing out of it and later found that it was the Siva linga from which the blood was oozing. The king was deeply worried; but, according to the Temple History, the Lord appeared before him and pacified the king saying, 'In spite of the blood I am Pure' -- hence the name Masilamani. It is believed that the Lord supported him in destroying the Kurumbas by sending the Nandi. The unique feature of the temple is the Nandi facing eastward against Lord Shiva. Also this is one of the few temples where the positions of the Lords are interchanged. This is believed to be because of the urgency in providing darshan to the king. The king duly defeated the kurumbas and brought with him the two white-erukku pillars from their palace and used them while building the temple for Masilmaninathar.

Amman name is Kodi Idai Nayaki. The goddess of the temple is Kodi-idai-Amman. Unless other typical South Indian Shiva temple, the goddess is present in an altogether separate sanctum similar to that of Shiva. Kodiyidai Amman is in fact more popular than Masilamaneeswarar. She is considered as one of the three important Goddesses of Chennai region. A lot of devotees visit all three Goddesses, Melur Thiruvudai Amman, Tiruvottiyur Vadivudai Amman, and Thirumullaivayal Kodiyidai Amman on the same day. Kodiyidai Amman is considered as the Kriya Shakthi.

At the entrance of Masilamaneeswarar, Dwara Palaks idols look beautiful and magnificent. Vishnu is found along with his consorts near Dwarapalaks. Rasa Lingam is also found near Vishnu idol. The idol of the king Thondai Mandala Raja is also found in the same place. There is a shrine for Nataraj with Sivakami.

The corridor of Masilamaneeswarar has a lot of idols such as Ganesha, Murugan, Lakshmi, many Shiv Lingas, Nagas, 63 Nayanmars, Bhairav, Surya, Veerabhadra, and Arunagirinathar.

The big corridor (prakara) of the temple doesn't have roof. It's in open space. It has a shrine for Prasanna Ganapati. In fact, this is the first idol you would see once you enter through the temple tower. There is a big separate shrine for Murugan with Valli and Devasena. The beautiful ancient idols of Surya and Bhairav are also found in the big corridor. There is a separate shrine for Shiv Linga named Kusalavapureeswarar and another shrine for Choleswarar. The temple tank is found outside the temple. Navagraha is not found in this temple.

Arulmegu Pachaiamman Temple located in Thirumulaivoyal on Chennai Tirupathi National High way (NH 205)near to Thirumulaivoyal bus stand.

The nearby Sri Sakthi Bhuvaneswari Amman Temple located in Sri Sakthi Nagar, Thirukural Main Road, Avadi RCC Chennai 600 109 (near Annanur Railway Station)

Sri Ramar Temple in Sivasakthi Nagar 60 Feet Railway Station Road, Avadi RCC Chennai 600 109, (near Annanur Railway Station) can be visited in all seasons and festival occasions. And buses are provided from Avadi depot to throughout Chennai and they stop at Vaishnavi nagar which is the extension and main area of annanur.

A temple for Sri Raghavendra Swamy constructed by choreographer-cum-dirtector-cum-actor Raghava Lawrence inaugurated on January 1, 2010. The temple located in Thirumullaivoyil houses a Brindavan for Sri Raghavendra Swamy, where poojas would be performed as per Hindu rituals

Ayya Vaikunda Swami Temple is located at Chozambedu High Road of Thirumulaivoyal.

Perumal Temple, Pilliyar Temple (near overhead water tank) are located at Chozambedu High Road of Thirumulaivoyal

In Srinagar Colony near to Thirumulaivoyal Railway Station where we a temple for Lord Murugan ARULMIGU VALLI DEVASENA SAMEDHA SELVAMUTH KUMARASWAMY addressed at No 18, Dharmasastha street, Srinagar Colony, Sathyamurthy Nagar Post Chennai 600 062.


Camp Tonakela Association

Camp Tonakela Association is located in South end of Thirumulaivoyal, North of Ayapakkam. Camp Tonakela is the brainchild of Wallace Forgie, a Canadian, who came to work with the Madras YMCA in the year 1927. As a dedicated boys’ work leader with a vast experience of outdoor camps, it was only natural that Forgie would attempt to address the deplorable lack of facilities for such activities in Madras. In the year 1938.[6]


The recent developments are the 60 feet Railway road which stretches from Railway station to Murugappa Polytechnic and connects to NH-205. 40 feet Railway road is still under the screening. The new Annanur is majorly divided into Sivasakthi nagar subdivided into various sectors (A-F) and Sri Sakthi Nagar is subdivided into old Tamil literature street names.[citation needed] chozhan nagar area which was very popular comparing to the other residing area in Annanur. The annanur has a railway quarters which counts to a considerable amount of population to this area. Also many students from various colleges stay here due to its proximity to both rail and road. In spite of such huge population, there are only very few hotels to cater the people.


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