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Antiochia ad Taurum

Antiochia ad Taurum (Greek: Αντιόχεια του Ταύρου; "Antiochia in the Taurus") was an ancient city of Hellenistic foundation in the Taurus Mountains of Cilicia (later Commagene province), Anatolia. [1] Most modern scholars locate Antiochia ad Taurum at or near Gaziantep, Gaziantep Province, Turkey (formerly called Aïntab) [2], [3], although past scholars tried to associate it with Aleppo (formerly Halab), Syria. [4]

Coins were minted at Antiochia ad Taurum. [5] Antiochia ad Taurum was Christianized early and formed a see in Commagene. [6]


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