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Apetala 2

AP2 domain
File:PDB 3gcc EBI.jpg
Structure of the GCC-box binding domain in complex with DNA.[1]
Symbol AP2
Pfam PF00847
Pfam clan CL0081
InterPro IPR001471
SCOP 3gcc
Apetala 2
Symbol AP2
Entrez 829845
UniProt P47927
Not to be confused with AP2 adaptors.

Apetala 2 (AP2) is a gene coding for a member of a large family of transcription factors, the AP2/EREBP family. In Arabidopsis thaliana which plays a role in the ABC model of flower development.[2] It was originally thought that this family of proteins was plant-specific, however recent studies have shown that apicomplexans, including the causative agent of malaria, Plasmodium falciparum encode a related set of transcription factors, called the ApiAP2 family.[3]

In the A. thaliana transcription factor RAV1 the N-terminal AP2 domain binds 5'-CAACA-3' sequence, while the C-terminal highly conserved B3 domain binds 5'-CACCTG-3' sequence.[4]


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