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Apple chips

Apple chips are chips or crisps that are prepared using apple. Apple chips may be fried, deep fried,[1] vacuum fried,[2] dehydrated[3] or baked.[4] Apple chips may have a dense and crispy texture, or may be puffed, yet still crispy.[5] Microwave vacuum-drying may be used to prepare apple chips with a puffy and crispy texture.[6] They may be seasoned with cinnamon and sweetened with confectioners sugar.[7] Apple chips may be consumed as a snack food,[8] and may be accompanied with various dips[9] and other foods. Apple chips are mass-produced in the United States.[10]

Use in dishes

Apple chips may be used in sandwiches[11] and as an ingredient in desserts[12] and sweets, such as cookies.[13] They may also be used as a garnish on dishes.[14]


Apple chips are mass-produced by some food manufacturers. Companies that produce them include Bare Fruit, Buddy Fruits[15] and Tyrrell's[16] Bare Fruit and Buddy Fruits apple chips are prepared using only apples as their sole ingredient.[15]

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