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Parent company Springer Science+Business Media
Founder Gary Cornell and Dan Appleman
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location New York City
Publication types Books
Imprints friends of ED
Official website

Apress Media LLC is a publisher of information technology books, based in New York City. It is a division of Springer Science+Business Media.

Apress was founded by authors Gary Cornell and Dan Appleman. Its original name was Author's Press, shortened to APress, then Apress. In 2003, Apress purchased much of the intellectual property of the designer-oriented publisher friends of ED. Apress books, for the most part, are characterized by a uniform yellow, black and (now) red design. Topics covered relate largely to programming issues, on both proprietary and open source platforms. Hardware hacking is also a theme, and Apress has published some books aimed for mainstream consumer electronics users. In addition, Apress crosses over the IT line and publishes business books. Authors include Andrew Troelsen, Adam Freeman, Ed Yourdon, Matt MacDonald, Andy Budd, Rob Harrop, Dave Mark, Michael A. Banks, Keir Thomas, Malcolm Harkins, Jacob Lamm, Scott Donaldson, Peter Seibel, Bob Walsh, Rory Lewis, and Joel Spolsky. Their print books are distributed worldwide by Springer Science + Business Media, and they are also sold as eBooks and distributed online through the subscription services such as SpringerLink, Books 24X7 and Safari Online. In 2007 Apress was fully acquired by Springer. Prior to this Springer owned a minority stake,[1] and in 2009 Apress' offices in Berkeley, California closed and the business moved to Springer's headquarters in New York. In 2012 Apress announced their new ApressOpen line of books, providing ebooks for free through all of their ebook, electronic subscription and sponsor's channels.

Notable books

  • Pro C# 5.0 and the .NET 4.5 Framework
  • Beginning iOS6 Development
  • Pro ASP.NET MVC4
  • Pro JQuery
  • iPhone and iPad Apps For Absolute Beginners
  • Pro Android
  • Traders at Work
  • Inventors at Work
  • Power Plays
  • Managing Humans
  • Beginning ASP.NET 4.5 in C#
  • Beginning Node.js
  • Fixing and Flipping Real Estate
  • Practical Common Lisp
  • Managing Risk and Information Security
  • Startup: An Insiders Guide to Launching and Running a Business link

Books in series

  • Beginning Python
  • Gimp
  • Learn Objective-C on the Mac
  • Beginning iOS Development
  • Coders at Work
  • Beginning Android Games
  • Android Tablets Made Simple


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