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Arkansas International Tennis Tournament

</tr></tr></tr></tr></tr></table> The Arkansas International Tennis Tournament was a men's tennis tournament played in North Little Rock, Arkansas from 1974-1979. The event was part of the Grand Prix tennis circuit from 1977 through 1979 and was played on indoor carpet courts. The tournament was also known under its sponsored name Fairfield Bay Classic. The results from 1979 are included on the ITF website but not on the ATP website.


Arkansas International Tennis Tournament</th></tr>
Defunct tennis tournament</th></tr>
Tour</th> Grand Prix circuit (1977–79)
Founded</th> 1974
Abolished</th> 1979
Location</th> North Little Rock, Arkansas
Surface</th> Carpet (1974–78)
Year Champion Runner-up Score
1974 23x15px Jimmy Connors 23x15px Karl Meiler 6–2, 6–1
1975 23x15px Billy Martin 23x15px George Hardie 6–2, 7–6
1976 23x15px Haroon Rahim 23x15px Colin Dibley 6–4, 7–5
1977 23x15px Sandy Mayer 23x15px Haroon Rahim 6–2, 6–4
1978 23x15px Dick Stockton 23x15px Hank Pfister 6–4, 3–5, ret. [a]
1979 23x15px Vitas Gerulaitis 23x15px Butch Walts 6–2, 6–2


Year Champions Runners-up Score
1974 23x15px Jürgen Fassbender
23x15px Karl Meiler
23x15px Vitas Gerulaitis
23x15px Bob Hewitt
6–0, 6–2
1975 23x15px Marcello Lara
23x15px Barry Phillips-Moore
23x15px Jeff Austin
23x15px Charles Owens
6–4, 6–3
1976 23x15px Syd Ball
23x15px Ray Ruffels
23x15px Giuliano Pecci
23x15px Haroon Rahim
6–3, 6–7, 6–3
1977 23x15px Colin Dibley
23x15px Haroon Rahim
23x15px Bob Hewitt
23x15px Frew McMillan
6–7, 6–3, 6–3
1978 23x15px Colin Dibley
23x15px Geoff Masters
23x15px Tim Gullikson
23x15px Tom Gullikson
7–6, 6–3
1979 23x15px Vitas Gerulaitis
23x15px Vladimir Zednik
23x15px Phil Dent
23x15px Colin Dibley
5–7, 6–3, 7–5


  1. ^ Pfister retired with a sprained ankle.[1]


  1. ^ "Stockton Cops Little Rock Net Event". Schenectady Gazette. AP. Feb 4, 1978. 

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