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Armenian Weekly

Armenian Weekly (originally Hairenik Weekly) is an English Armenian publication published by Hairenik Association, Inc. in Watertown, Massachusetts in the United States. It is the sister publication to the Armenian language weekly Hairenik.

It was started as Hairenik Weekly in 1934 and its name was changed to Armenian Weekly, the name under which it is still published, in 1969. Armenian Weekly also runs an online publication.

Hairenik Weekly (1934Template:Spaced ndash1969)

In June 1932, the Armenian-language Hairenik had started a column in English to address the needs of English-speaking Armenians. The response was so positive that by March 1934 the Hairenik Weekly was established entirely in English and began publication, mostly through the efforts of young volunteer contributors. In June 1934 Hairenik Weekly acquired a full-time editor, James Mandalian, and an assistant editor, Queenie Pambookjian. Notably, there were translations of short stories by such prominent Armenian writers as Avetis Aharonian and Hamasdegh and the poems of Gostan Zarian. Moreover, the very stories that initially brought William Saroyan national recognition by the American public were first published in the Hairenik Weekly (under the pseudonym "Sirak Goryan").[citation needed]

Armenian Weekly (1969Template:Spaced ndashPresent)

In 1969 the paper's name was changed to Armenian Weekly. Today, along with news of general interest to the Armenian-American community, Armenian Weekly publishes editorials, political analyses, regular columns, and short stories and poems (by such contemporary writers as Diana Der-Hovanessian and Vahe Oshagan). The newspaper, while reflecting the current viewpoints of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation and Armenian National Committee (ANC) of America, is also open to a wide variety of views and opinions in which the pros and cons of issues can be discussed openly and honestly. Youth activities are still reported in each issue on the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) page, upcoming events are announced in the "Calendar of Events," and cultural activities are reported through music, dance, and movie reviews.

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