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Arterial tree

In anatomy, arterial tree is used to refer to all arteries and/or the branching pattern of the arteries. This article regards the human arterial tree. Starting from the aorta:

Ascending aorta

(Branches to right coronary artery and left coronary artery. Click link for more info)

right coronary artery

left coronary artery

Arch of aorta

brachiocephalic artery

  • right common carotid artery
  • right subclavian artery

left common carotid artery (directly from arch of aorta on left mostly)

internal carotid artery

external carotid artery

Left subclavian artery (directly from arch of aorta on left)

vertebral artery

internal thoracic artery

thyrocervical trunk

costocervical trunk

Axillary artery

Brachial artery

Thoracic aorta

Abdominal aorta

inferior phrenic


superior mesenteric

middle suprarenal


Anterior and posterior

interlobar artery



inferior mesenteric

median sacral

common iliac

common iliac arteries

internal iliac artery

Anterior division

Posterior division

external iliac artery

Popliteal artery

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