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Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders

Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders
File:Atlanta Falcons cheerleaders pose in front of Camp 6, Guantanamo, with Lucky GI.jpg
Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders at Guantanamo
General Information
Team Atlanta Falcons
Established 1960s
Members 40

The Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders are the cheerleading squad of the Atlanta Falcons. The group performs a variety of moves during the Falcons home games at the Georgia Dome. The squad debuted in the 1960s as "The Falconettes".[1] The squad currently has 40 cheerleaders.[2] The tryouts for the squad is held annually at the Georgia World Congress Center in April, as well as the Arthur Blank Family Office.[3] Like many other squads, the squad also makes various appearances at events throughout Atlanta.[4] Other than the squad, fans could also hire Falcons mascot Freddie Falcon for appearances.[5] The squad also has a "Junior Cheerleader" Program for the squad's child counterparts.[6][7] The squad also releases an annual swimsuit calendar.[8][9]

Notable members

  • Mickey Crawford-Carnegie, President/Owner of Alumni Cheerleaders, LLC and creator of site (where former pro, college, high school cheerleaders/dancers reunite);[10] Started the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders Alumni group and is the Director with over 350 members.
  • Nicole Duncan, Georgia State University Cheerleading Coach[1][11]
  • Laurie Flynn, wife of Matt Schaub
  • Whitney Frink, Hollywood TV Producer[1]
  • Tiffany Fallon, Playboy Playmate of the Year 2005[1]


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