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The Avengers/Ultraforce event was a two-part intercompany crossover between Malibu Comics and Marvel Comics. The first issue, Avengers/Ultraforce, was written by Glenn Herdling with art by Angel Medina and M. C. Wyman.[1] The sequel, Ultraforce/Avengers, was written by Warren Ellis with art by George Pérez, who also illustrated wraparound covers on both issues.[2]


The Asgardian god Loki enters the Ultraverse and collects the Infinity Gems,[3] also discovering the existence of a seventh Gem - Ego. Loki learns the Infinity Gems were originally part of a gestalt entity known as "Nemesis".[4] The Ego Gem, possessing the Avenger Sersi, merges with the other Gems to reform Nemesis, and battles superhero teams the Avengers and Ultraforce, before being dissipated once again.[5]

Publication history

  • Ultraforce/Avengers Prelude #1: "The Swords Are Drawn..." (Malibu Comics, July 1995)
  • Avengers/Ultraforce #1 (Marvel Comics, October 1995)
  • Ultraforce/Avengers #1: "Becoming More Like God" (Malibu Comics, Fall 1995)


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