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Awesome Android

Awesome Android
The Awesome Android on the cover (background) of Rom #14 (Feb. 1981). Art by Dave Cockrum.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance The Fantastic Four #15 (June 1963)
Created by Stan Lee
Jack Kirby
In-story information
Team affiliations Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway
Heavy Metal
Partnerships Mad Thinker
Notable aliases Awesome Andy
Abilities Superhuman strength and durability
Ability to mimic surfaces, textures and abilities
Emit close-range gale-force wind blasts via his mouth

The Awesome Android, (also briefly known as Awesome Andy), is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in Fantastic Four #15 (June 1963) and was created by writer Stan Lee and artist and co-plotter Jack Kirby.

Debuting in the Silver Age of Comic Books, the character has made appearances in Marvel titles for over four decades, and also appeared in Marvel-related products including animated television series and trading cards.

Publication history

The Awesome Android debuted in Fantastic Four #15 (June 1963) as the creation of the Mad Thinker, and "since then, [the Mad Thinker] and his Script error: No such module "convert". artificial being ... have had run-ins with most of Marvel's major superheroes.[1]

The pair reappeared in Fantastic Four #28 (July 1964) to battle both the titular superhero team and the mutant superheroes the X-Men. The Android continued in the role of antagonist, appearing in Tales of Suspense #72 (Dec. 1965) as an opponent for Iron Man; Rom #14 (January 1981) against the Mattel-licensed hero Rom; and in Captain America #311 (Nov. 1985). The Android reappeared as part of a supervillain team in The Avengers #286-289 (Feb.-May 1988); featured in the Acts of Vengeance storyline in Avengers Spotlight #27 (Mid-Dec. 1989); battled several Marvel heroes in Thunderbolts #2 (June 1997) and Heroes for Hire #1 (July 1997) and had two further encounters with the Fantastic Four in Fantastic Four vol. 3, #23 (Nov. 1999) and #43-44 (July-Aug. 2001). The Android was reclaimed and upgraded by the Thinker in a humorous storyline in the 2004-2005 series She-Hulk; and made a brief appearance in Exiles vol. 2 #4 (Sept. 2009).

Fictional character biography

The villain Mad Thinker creates an artificial lifeform based on the research notes of Fantastic Four leader Mister Fantastic. A synthesis of ape DNA and unstable molecules incorporated into an almost indestructible body with a microcomputer and a solar-power source, the newly christened Awesome Android is directed against the Fantastic Four, although the superhero team defeats both the Android and the Thinker.[2] The Awesome Android, still as a pawn of the Thinker, returns to battle the combined efforts of the Fantastic Four and the mutant team the X-Men before being deactivated by X-Men leader Professor X.[3]

The Thinker directs the Android to kidnap industrialist Tony Stark, which eventually leads to a battle with Stark's alter ego Iron Man.[4] After an appearance during the "War of the Super Villains" storyline[5] the Android is absent from Marvel continuity until directed by the Thinker to capture the Galadorian spaceknight Rom for further study. After a brief battle, Rom successfully deactivates the Android.[6] The Android battles Captain America, having been repaired by then abandoned by the Thinker.[7] Fellow artificial creation the Super Adaptoid, posing as villain the Fixer, reprograms the Android and uses it as part of an assault team of advanced robots called Heavy Metal, consisting of the Awesome Android; Machine Man; the Sentry 459, and TESS-One. The group is eventually defeated by the superhero team the Avengers with Namor the Sub-Mariner deactivating the Android by ripping off its head while in the water, causing his torso to flood and sink.[8]

The Android reappears during the "Acts of Vengeance" storyline, being repaired by the robot Machinesmith and used to distract the Avengers while several villains escape confinement in the prison facility the Vault. The Android is neutralized by Captain Marvel.[9] After battles with the superhero teams the Thunderbolts,[10] and the Heroes for Hire,[11] and two more encounters with the Fantastic Four,[12] the Android is reclaimed by the Thinker.

The Thinker upgrades the Android to absorb additional abilities, such as musical talent and animal traits. Acquiring sentience, the Android rebels against the Thinker and seeks legal aid from law firm Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway (the firm that employs Jennifer Walters, the alter ego of heroine She-Hulk). The Android is legally emancipated from the Thinker, with a court recognizing the being as a male with a new name, "Awesome Andy." Andy becomes a general office worker for the firm; lacking speech, he communicates via hand-gestures, body language, and a message board around his neck. The board, originally depicted as a chalk board, was retconned into a digital display screen with a Wi-Fi connection to his CPU.

After a brief fight with a member of the Eternals, Starfox, Andy inadvertently absorbs Starfox's pheromone-like abilities, causing Andy to gain the affections of his coworker Mallory Book. Upon realizing she does not actually reciprocate these feelings, the character deactivates his powers, and, after being rejected by her, leaves the law firm.[13] Andy reappears as the Awesome Android in the employ of the Thinker, having reset its system with no trace of the previous personality.[14]

The Android also encounters the parallel universe team the Exiles.[15]

Awesome Android was with Mad Thinker when it was revealed that Mad Thinker was a member of Intelligencia.[16]

Awesome Android was with Mad Thinker when he is invited to join the Future Foundation's seminar on how to defeat Reed Richards with the Reed Richards in mind being the Council of Reeds.[17]

Awesome Android was present with Intelligencia when they are attacked by the Sinister Six. He was shot into space by the Zero Cannon.[18]

MODOK Superior was able to revive Awesome Android and the other Intelligencia members.[19]

Powers and abilities

The Awesome Android is created when the Mad Thinker steals and uses a technique invented by Mister Fantastic, involving splicing unstable molecules into the DNA patterns of an ape. The character has limited artificial intelligence and no capacity for self-motivated activity, and is totally dependent on its programming or on the spoken commands of its programmer, and usually deactivates itself when not active.

The Android has super strength and durability, and can also mimic an ability (one at a time) after touching an opponent, such as the strength and epidermis of the Thing or the frost coating of Iceman. The character can also emit close-range blasts of gale-force wind from its mouth. The Android is given one weakness by the Thinker: a collection of nerve ganglia underneath the left armpit that if struck will cause the Android to shut down.[20]

Other versions

Ultimate Marvel

In the Ultimate Marvel imprint, a version of the character named Bobby Burchill appears in Ultimate Fantastic Four. The character is the younger brother and slave of Rhona Burchill (the Ultimate Marvel version of Mad Thinker).[21]


In the last issue of JLA/Avengers, the Awesome Android is among the enthralled villains defending Krona's stronghold, and is defeated by Superman.[22]

In other media


  • The Ultimate Marvel version of Awesome Android appears in Iron Man: Armored Adventures episode "Enter: Iron Monger." This version is named Andy Erwin and is a goth like his sister Rhona. In the episode "All the Best People are Mad," Rhona and Andy slip sleeping gas into the school and places Tony into competing the D.A.T.s (Deadly Aptitude Tests) with Pepper Potts, James Rhodes, Happy Hogan, and Whitney Stane placed in different death traps (similar to the Saw franchise). After Pepper is freed from her trap by Tony Stark guessing the answer to Rhona's question, Andy asks Rhona if he can activate the next death trap. Rhona tells him that she's the supervillain and he's just her henchman. Andy does managed to convince Rhona to allow Tony to use a lifeline from the captives that Tony frees. Displeased that Tony won the D.A.T.s, Rhona sends Andy to take care of Tony's friends. Andy manages to beat up Happy Hogan. Tony becomes Iron Man and ends up fighting Andy. Iron Man's computer reveals that Andy is actually an android. Iron Man tries to make Andy realize that he is an android as Andy attacks Iron Man. Iron Man manages to damage Andy much to the disappointment of Rhona. Andy then ends up shutting down in Rhona's arms.
  • Awesome Android (nicknamed "Andy") appears in the Ultimate Spider-Man episode "Awesome"[23] with its vocal effects provided by Kevin Michael Richardson. This version was an experiment found in Dr. Curt Connors' lab on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier in brick form. It was found by Spider-Man for Peter and Luke to use in a science fair project. Before the science fair begins, Awesome Android comes to life and starts eating everything. Phil Coulson states that it is an artificial intelligence and that it eats inorganic matter to increase its growth. Awesome Android swallowed Phil Coulson, who emerged with his clothes dissolved during Awesome Android's ingesting of him. Awesome Android then goes on to eat up much of the city. While Power Man and Nova stop the train, Spider-Man, Iron Fist, and White Tiger fight Awesome Android. The fight with Awesome Android is crashed by Juggernaut as Awesome Android stubs his toe on Juggernaut. Awesome Android then eats Juggernaut and emitted out of him with his clothes having been dissolved by Awesome Androd. Upon absorbing some of Juggernaut's powers, Awesome Android screams at the sight of Spider-Man and tries to stomp on him. During the fight, Spider-Man and his team discover that Awesome Android contracts to cold as it causes him to shrink. While Iron Fist tries to tap into Awesome Android's powers, Spider-Man and Power Man use Nova and White Tiger's ice-making experiment as Power Man throws Spider-Man and the science fair experiment into Awesome Android which caused Awesome Android to be dissolved back into its harmless form. Awesome Android is then reclaimed by S.H.I.E.L.D. In the episode "Sandman Returns," Walter Cage and Amanda Cage have been training Awesome Android to become helpful around the lab. When Awesome Android devours some bad chemicals as a way of disposing it, he causes a fire where he ends up freeing Sandman who ends up dousing the flames and stopping Awesome Android. Spider-Man and Nova later use Awesome Android to absorb Sandman until S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents arrive with a containment suit that Awesome Android shoots Sandman into the containment suit. Afterwards, Spider-Man helps Awesome Android clean up the mess from the resulting battle.


  • Awesome Android appears in the comic book spin-off to The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon. He was seen with Mad Thinker and Quasimodo where they were committing a criminal activity. Awesome Android, Mad Thinker, and Quasimodo are defeated and apprehended by Ant-Man and Hulk.


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