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B'Day Anthology Video Album

B'Day Anthology Video Album
File:Beyonce - BDay Anthology Video Album.jpg
Video by Beyoncé
Released April 3, 2007
Recorded 2006–07
Genre R&B, hip hop, pop
Length 69:36
Label Columbia
Director Ed Burke, Ray Kay, Beyoncé Knowles, Jake Nava, Anthony Mandler, Diane Martel, Melina Matsoukas, Sophie Muller, Cliff Watts
Beyoncé chronology

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B'Day Anthology Video Album is the first video album by American recording artist Beyoncé Knowles. It features thirteen music videos for songs from her second studio album, B'Day (2006) and its deluxe re-release (2007). It was released by Columbia Records exclusively through Wal-Mart stores on April 3, 2007 alongside the deluxe album, but was later serviced to other retailers. Knowles shot nine videos for the album, and four pre-filmed videos were also included. B'Day Anthology Video Album has been certified double-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Outside of North America, the album featured as a bonus disc to the B'Day Deluxe Edition. The "Still in Love (Kissing You)" video was the subject of a copyright infringement lawsuit, therefore only initial pressings of the album contain its video.


20px First it was just "Green Light" and "Upgrade U". Let's sneak in "Kitty Kat". We might as well put in "Suga Mama". We gotta do "Get Me Bodied", that's the dance record. Gotta do something for "Beautiful Liar", that's the song with Shakira, of course we know we gotta do a video for that ... If I had another week I probably would have shot three more videos. 20px
—Beyoncé Knowles, Anthology Behind The Scenes[1]

Knowles said that she filmed B'Day Anthology Video Album because she "always wanted to do a video album" so that her fans would not have to log on to YouTube to watch her music videos, but could instead play them via DVD.[2] Knowles knew what the videos' choreography would be before the filming began. She also planned her hairstyles, outfits and make-up. Knowles wanted each video to look different, and therefore she used different film techniques, fashion and styling.[2] B'Day Anthology Video Album contains thirteen music videos and behind the scenes footage. The videos for "Déjà Vu", "Ring the Alarm", "Irreplaceable" and "Listen" had been shot prior to the album's filming.[3] The other nine videos were filmed in a two-week period.[4][5] B'Day Anthology Video Album contains music videos for all of the songs from the standard issue of B'Day except for "Resentment".[5] It also includes videos for "Beautiful Liar", "Flaws and All" and "Still in Love (Kissing You)", which featured only on the deluxe edition. According to Vibe, the thirteen videos on B'Day Anthology Video Album gave Knowles the record of the most music videos released in a twelve-month period.[3]

Release and reception

B'Day Anthology Video Album was released by Columbia Records exclusively through Wal-Mart on April 3, 2007, the same day that the B'Day Deluxe Edition was released.[6] The video album was made available to other retailers on June 19, 2007.[7][8] Outside of North America, the video album was featured as the second disc on the deluxe edition of B'Day albeit without the behind-the-scenes footage.[9] Irreemplazable, an EP featuring Spanish-language recordings, was included as the bonus disc in the United States.[10] Prior to its release, copies of the videos were ripped from an advance album and leaked onto the internet in MP4 form.[11] Knowles promoted the album by appearing on television shows Today and The Early Show, while television channel VH1 Soul aired several of its videos.[12] B'Day Anthology Video Album debuted at number twenty-four on the US Top Music Videos chart of April 28, 2007,[13] and has been certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), denoting the shipment of 200,000 copies.[14] Sal Cinquemani of Slant Magazine criticized the music videos for the songs on B'Day Anthology Video Album, writing that "none of them are anything special, though most will please narrow-minded fans".[15]

Copyright infringement lawsuit

Main article: "Kissing You"

Knowles covered Des'ree's song "Kissing You" for the deluxe edition of B'Day and retitled it "Still in Love (Kissing You)". She filmed a video of the song for B'Day Anthology Video Album; however one of the conditions set out by Des'ree's publishers, the Royalty Network, was that Knowles did not release the song in video form. The Royalty Network filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the involved parties seeking US$150,000 in damages.[16] Infringing copies of B'Day Anthology Video Album were recalled in April 2007, and in October 2007 the lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice.[17] Later copies of the album did not contain "Still in Love (Kissing You)".[18]

Track listing

No. TitleDirector(s) Length
1. "Beautiful Liar" (featuring Shakira)Jake Nava, Beyoncé Knowles 3:34
2. "Irreplaceable"  Anthony Mandler 4:17
3. "Kitty Kat"  Melina Matsoukas, Knowles 1:03
4. "Green Light"  Matsoukas 3:31
5. "Upgrade U" (featuring Jay-Z)Matsoukas, Knowles 4:38
6. "Flaws and All"  Cliff Watts, Knowles 4:14
7. "Get Me Bodied" (extended mix) (featuring Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams and Solange Knowles)Mandler, Knowles 6:42
8. "Freakum Dress"  Ray Kay, Knowles 3:21
9. "Suga Mama"  Matsoukas, Knowles 3:37
10. "Déjà Vu" (featuring Jay-Z)Sophie Muller 4:06
11. "Ring the Alarm"  Muller 3:33
12. "Listen" (director's cut)Diane Martel 3:49
13. "Still in Love (Kissing You)" (only on initial pressings)Watts, Knowles 4:41
14. "Credits"    0:51
15. "Anthology Behind the Scenes"  Ed Burke 17:39
  • The length of each of these music videos includes a five-second bumble bee introduction, except for "Green Light", which is listed as a continuation of "Kitty Kat" and therefore has no introduction. The credits and behind-the-scenes features also do not have introductions.




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