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Bún ốc

File:Bun oc Hoe Nhai.JPG
Bún ốc on Hòe Nhai St.
File:Nước dùng bún ốc.jpg
noodle broth with snails

Bún ốc ("snail vermicelli soup") is a dish of Hanoi, Vietnam. Roasted snails, ốc luộc, may be eaten first as an appetizer. Snail congee is called cháo ốc, and canh ốc chuối đậu, is a thin snail soup with green banana, fried tofu and tía tô.[1][2] The dish is believed to have originated during Vietnam's colonial period, when sea snails were introduced into Vietnamese cuisine by French colonists.[3]


  1. ^ Thanh Nien Slimy scrumptious snails June 17, 2011 "Ốc luộc is a simple snack and can be considered the appetizer for a series of snail courses. After ốc luộc, my mother would cook snail and noodle soup, bún ốc, or a sort of snail porridge called cháo ốc, or canh ốc chuối đậu, which is a snail soup with green banana, fried tofu and tía tô (perilla leaves)"
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