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Baltimore Trauma

The Baltimore Trauma was a pro paintball team. They competed from 2000 till 2007 when they disbanded due to team member issues, including a poor 2007 season and sponsorship issues. Core members include Rob Staudinger, Tyler Humphrey, Justin “Duder” Summers, Dave Fason, Dave “Opie” Thomas.

Team History

The team that would eventually be known as the Baltimore Trauma originated as two five-man teams; Flipmode, originally from Raleigh, North Carolina and Mayhem, based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Both teams played in the Carolina Field Operators Association, or CFOA. In 2000 Tyler Humphrey and Rob Staudinger decided to merge the teams to compete in the NPPL 10-man events.

In 2001 the team picked up Rob Staudinger and Opie Thomas from the recently dismantled team Image. After their 2002 World Cup Victory, the team was invited to join the pro ranks of the NXL.[1]

List of Accomplishments[2]


NPPL World Cup 5th Place Novice


NPPL LA 5th Place Am-B NPPL Gettysburg 3rd Place Am-B NPPL Chicago 4th Place Am-A NPPL Atlantic City 2nd Place Am-A NPPL World Cup 1st Place Am-A


NPPL LA 1st Place Am-A NPPL Las Vegas 1st Place Am-A NPPL Chicago 1st Place Am-A NPPL Atlantic City 1st Place Am-A NPPL World Cup 1st Place Am-A


NXL 5th Place overall Regular Season


NXL Eastern Conference Champions NXL 2nd Place overall Regular Season


NXL 2005 NXL Champions


NXL Texas 2nd Place NXL Intercontinental Cup 1st Place NXL World Cup 4th Place


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