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Barcel is a maker of tortilla, potato chips and other confectionery and snack foods. It is a unit of Grupo Bimbo created in 1950. It is based in Lerma, Mexico. A different company with the same name, but operating in Chile, was acquired by PepsiCo in 1998.


  • Chips, fries home-style cut into slices. Its flavors include Marinated, Jalapeño, La Diabla, Fire and the classic sea salt.

In special issues have emerged as Limon presentations - pepper, lemon - Chipotle, 3 Cheese, spacious and well-Cream, Jalapeño Cheese, Worcestershire Sauce and Spicy Salsa Valentina.

  • Takis (formerly called Taquis), a roll-shaped snack, prepared in the following presentations:
    • fuego azul,spicy snack topped with a blue mystery spice powder
    • Fuego, the hottest of all varieties. It is also the most popular flavor (purple packaging).
    • Guacamole, spicy snack topped with a style of salsa guacamole (white packaging)
    • Nitro, a habanero chile flavor (black-red packaging)
    • Original, slightly spicy snack (green packaging)
    • Salsa Brava, a slightly spicier snack than the original (yellow packaging)
    • Temptation, a recent cheese-flavored variety (orange packaging)
    • Zombie, habanero and cucumber flavor (black-green packaging)
    • The following versions were discontinued:
      • Pastor, a presentation of the meat-flavored snack pastor (red packaging).
      • Black, a presentation of snack made with blue masa, the presentation was less durable in the market (black packaging).
  • Toreadas fries spicy jalapeño and habanero presentations.
  • Papa-tinas, slightly spicy french fries.
  • Karameladas Pop, some popcorn and candy candied special edition chamoy.
  • Big Mix, a mixture of six snacks.
  • Big Papas, straight-cut fries.
  • Runners, a corn snack shaped like a car, with a hot sauce flavor.
  • Jetters, a spicy snack shaped aircraft; discontinued shortly after it hit the market.
  • Quezas, snack shaped like a Mexican quesadilla with cheese and chile flavor was discontinued in early 2010. During its marketing underwent a change of presentation.
  • Hot Nuts, peanuts covered with a thick layer of hot pepper.
  • Kiyakis, Japanese style peanuts.
  • Waves, wavy-cut fries with a chili cheese flavor.
  • Chip-otles, a chipotle flavored corn snack.
  • Tostachos, a hexagonal shaped snack flavored Cheddar jalapeño and cheese.
  • Golden Nuts, including peanuts about various styles and savory enchiladas, Mexican, Spanish and the nuggets.
  • Konox, snack shaped tibo that aside from a trapezoid, was discontinued.
  • Duvalín, a nougat cream, usually include two to four flavors including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, caramel and hazelnut.
  • Bubu Lubu, a chocolate-covered treat with a strawberry and marshmallow filling.

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