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Bardonecchia (French: Bardonèche or Bardonnèche; Occitan: Bardonecha) is an Italian town and comune located in the Province of Turin, in the Piedmont region, in the western part of Susa Valley. It grew out of a small village with the works for the railway Frejus tunnel, the first crossing the Alps. The town hosted the snowboarding events of the 2006 Winter Olympics.


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The historic center is set back and elevated (Borgo Vecchio), while the new part of town was built around the train station (Borgo Nuovo). The town has grown thanks to activities related to customs, logistics, and tourism; as a result, it has incorporated some neighboring villages, and thus is one of the largest towns in the Susa Valley.

Bardonecchia is at one end of both the Fréjus Road Tunnel and the Fréjus Rail Tunnel, part of a TGV Paris to Milan connection.

The municipality of Bardonecchia contains the frazioni (subdivisions, mainly villages and hamlets) Les Arnauds, Melezet, Millaures, Le Gleise, Beaulard, Grange Horres, La Rho and Rochemolles.

Bardonecchia borders the following municipalities: Avrieux (France), Bramans (France), Exilles, Modane (France), Névache (France), Oulx.

Bardonecchia is the westernmost comune in Italy.

Demographic evolution

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