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Battle of Northern and Eastern Henan

Campaign of Northern and Eastern Henan
Part of the Second Sino-Japanese War
DateJanuary – June 1938
Result Japanese victory
23x15px National Revolutionary Army, China Template:Country data Japan Imperial Japanese Army, Japan
Commanders and leaders
23x15px Cheng Qian Template:Country data Japan Juichi Terauchi
? ?
Casualties and losses
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During the Second Sino-Japanese War the Japanese 1st Army under Lt. General Kiyoshi Katsuki drove the Chinese forces of General Cheng Qian's 1st War Area out of Northern and Eastern Honan until they were stopped by the disastrous 1938 Yellow River flood caused by the diversion of the Yellow River by the Chinese Army into the Chia-lu and Huai Rivers.

Order of battle

Further reading

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