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Baumann's angle

Baumann's angle , also known as the humeral-capitellar angle, is measured on an AP radiograph of the elbow between the long axis of the humerus and the growth plate of the lateral condyle.

Clinical Use

A normal carrying angle is approximately 85-9°, and so when reducing paediatric supracondylar humerus fractures, a deviation of more than 5° from the contralateral side should not be accepted.

alteration of Baumann angle

   Baumann's angle is created by drawing a line parallel to the longitudinal axis of the humeral shaft and a line along the lateral condylar physis as viewed on the AP image 
   normal is 70-75 degrees, but best judge is a comparison of the contralateral side
   deviation of more than 5 degrees indicates coronal plane deformity and should not be accepted


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