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Bauxite fibrosis

Bauxite fibrosis
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Bauxite with unweathered rock core
Classification and external resources
ICD-10 J63.1
ICD-9 503
NCI Bauxite fibrosis
Patient UK Bauxite fibrosis

Bauxite pneumoconiosis, also known as Shaver's disease, corundum smelter's lung, bauxite lung or bauxite smelters' disease, is a progressive form of pneumoconiosis caused by exposure to bauxite fumes which contain aluminium and silica particulates.

It is typically seen in workers involved in the smelting of bauxite to produce corundum.


Initially, the disease appears as alveolitis, and then progresses to emphysema.

Patients may develop pneumothorax (collapsed lung).

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