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This article is about the biblical figure. For the kibbutz in Israel, see Be'eri.

According to the Book of Hosea, Beeri (Hebrew: בְּאֵרִיBə’êrî, "my well") was the father of the prophet Hosea.[1] Jewish tradition says that he only uttered a few words of prophecy, and as they were insufficient to be embodied in a book by themselves, they were incorporated in the Book of Isaiah, viz., verses 19 and 20 of the 8th chapter. As such, Beeri is considered a prophet in Judaism.[2] Beeri was sometimes identified with Beerah (1 Chronicles 5:6), who was taken into exile by the Assyrians.[3]

Another Beeri was the father of Judith, one of the wives of Esau (Genesis 26:34), the same as Adah (Gen. 36:2).

In Hebrew, the word "Be'e'ri" literally means "my well" as in a well of water—an important source of life in the desert. He is also considered holy by Muslims.


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