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Belgian Fourth Division A

The Belgian Fourth Division A is one of the four leagues at the fourth level of the Belgian football league system, the other ones being the Belgian Fourth Division B, C and D. This division exists since the 1952-53 season and is played every year with 16 clubs in each league.

The 2010-2011 clubs

Club Municipality Province Finishing position last season[1]
K. Blue Star Poperinge Poperinge West Flanders 12th
F. Couillet-La Louvière La Louvière Hainaut 10th
K.S.V. Diksmuide Diksmuide West Flanders 7th
K. Eendracht Appelterre-Eichem Ninove East Flanders 2nd of East Flanders Division One1
S.K. Eernegem Ichtegem West Flanders 1st of West Flanders Division One
R. Géants Athois Ath Hainaut 9th
K.R.C. Gent-Zeehaven Ghent East Flanders 4th
K.V.K. Ieper Ypres West Flanders 17th of third division A
R.R.C. Péruwelz Mouscron Hainaut 18th of third division B
Pont-à-Celles-Buzet Pont-à-Celles Hainaut 1st of Hainaut Division One
R.U. Saint-Ghislain-Tertre-Hautrage Saint-Ghislain Hainaut 3rd of Hainaut Division One2
K. Sint-Eloois-Winkel Sport Ledegem West Flanders 8th
K.S.V. Sottegem Zottegem East Flanders 16th of third division A
K.F.C. Sparta Petegem Wortegem-Petegem East Flanders 5th
J.S. Taminoise Tamines Namur 7th of promotion D
S.K. Terjoden-Welle Denderleeuw East Flanders 1st of East Flanders Division One

^ — K. Eendracht Appelterre-Eichem won the East Flanders Division One play-off
^ — R.U. Saint-Ghislain-Tertre-Hautrage won the Hainaut Division One play-off, qualifying for the Belgian interprovincial play-off and finished 3rd of the interprovincial play-off

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