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Bellflower apple

File:Belle Fleur Jaune.jpg
Illustration of Yellow Belleflower in 1883.

Bellflower, Belle-Fleur or Bellefleur is a cultivar of domesticated apple native to New Jersey. There are many sub-cultivars, most popular is the Yellow Bellflower.

Ortley, also known as the White Bellflower or Woolman's Long Pippin and many other names, is also a sub cultivar of Bellflower apple. Fruits are medium in size, and light green to pale yellow in color. Usually ripening for a late fall harvest. It was discovered in New Jersey first commercially produced in 1825.

Ortley is a pale version of the older cultivar Yellow Belle-Fleur, Yellow Bellflower or Belle Fleu Juane that was more successful in New York. Ortley is less acidic than the Yellow Belle Fleur, and more favourable as dessert, but the Yellow Belleflower is better in appearance and holds better during packing and shipping.[1]

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