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In Hinduism, Bhadra is a goddess of the hunt and one of Shiva's servants. The eighth queen of the Lord Krishna was Bhadra, the daughter of King Bhadrasen. It is also an epithet of mount Meru.[1]


Bhadra is the daughter of Soma or Chandra. A Brahman of the race of Angiras, who married Bhadra, daughter of Soma, a woman of great beauty. The god Varuna, who had formerly been enamoured of her, carried her off from Utathya's hermitage, and would not give her up to Narada, who was sent to bring her back. Utathya, greatly enraged, drank up all the sea, still Varuna would not let her god. At the desire of Utathya, the lake of Varuna was then dried up and the ocean swept away. The saint then addressed himself to the countries and to the river: -- "Saraswati, disappear into the deserts, and let this land, deserted by thee, become impure." "After the country had become dried up, Varuna submitted himself to Utathya and brought back Bhadra. The sage was pleased to get back his wife, and released both the world and Varuna from their sufferings."


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