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Biathlon European Championships

The first Biathlon European Championships was held in 1994, with sprint, pursuit, individual and relay. The number of events has grown significantly over the years.

Host cities

Year Host city(ies)
1994 23x15px Kontiolahti
1995 23x15px Le Grand-Bornand
1996 23x15px Ridnaun
1997 23x15px Windischgarsten
1998 23x15px Minsk
1999 23x15px Izhevsk
2000 23x15px Zakopane
2001 23x15px Maurienne
2002 23x15px Kontiolahti
2003 23x15px Forni Avoltri
2004 23x15px Minsk
2005 23x15px Novosibirsk
2006 23x15px Langdorf
2007 23x15px Bansko
2008 23x15px Nové Město na Moravě
2009 23x15px Ufa
2010 23x15px Otepää
2011 23x15px Ridnaun
2012 23x15px Osrblie
2013 23x15px Bansko
2014 23x15px Nové Město na Moravě
2015 23x15px Otepää