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Bilabial flap

Bilabial flap
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The bilabial flap is an uncommon non-rhotic flap. It is usually, and perhaps always, an allophone of the labiodental flap, though it is the preferred allophone in a minority of languages such as Banda and some of its neighbors.

In the literature it has often been transcribed by a w modified by the extra-short diacritic, .[1][2] (Since flaps are similar to brief stops, it could alternatively be transcribed as , but this could lead to interference between the diacritic and the ascender of the base character.)

In 2005 the International Phonetic Association adopted the right hook v symbol to represent the labiodental flap.[3] Since then, the received transcription of the bilabial flap involves employing the labiodental flap symbol modified by an advanced diacritic: ⱱ̟.[4]


Language Word IPA Meaning Notes
Mono[5] vwa [ⱱ̟a] 'send' Contrasts with /v/ and /w/. In free variation with labiodental flap


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