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Biofuelwatch is an environmental organisation based in the United Kingdom and US, which works to raise awareness of the negative impacts of industrial biofuels and bioenergy, on biodiversity, human rights, food sovereignty and climate change, human rights abuses, the impoverishment and dispossession of local populations, water and soil degradation, loss of food sovereignty and loss of food security. Biofuelwatch opposes the expansion of industrial monocultures driven by demand for bioenergy, and instead advocates for food sovereignty, agroecological farming practices, ecosystem and biodiversity protection and human rights.[1]

In the UK, Biofuelwatch has an active campaign against bioliquid and biomass power stations and the subsidies (Renewable Obligation Certificates) available for those. In the US, Biofuelwatch works closely with network of groups and campaigners against industrial biomass developments and policies. Internationally, Biofuelwatch works with a variety of groups and networks and is European Focal Point of the Global Forest Coalition. A lot of Biofuelwatch's recent work has focussed on providing a critical perspective on biochar as well. Biofuelwatch also campaigns against market based solutions to climate change, especially the inclusion of soil and forest carbon offsets.

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  1. ^ Doussou-Bodjrenou et al. (July 2007). "Agrofuels in Africa – the impacts on land, food and forests" (PDF). African Biodiversity Network. p. 4. Retrieved 8 May 2009. [Biofuelwatch's paper highlights] agrofuel impacts in nine key areas, including discussions on climate change, GMOs, biodiversity, food security and rural development. Credibly backed up by scientific evidence. 

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