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Biotecnol is a research-based biotechnology company headquartered in Oeiras, Portugal. About 90% of the workforce and about 80% of the annual budget are devoted to research. The company's core activities centre on the development of novel biopharmaceuticals for therapeutic use, using bacterial, yeast and mammalian expression systems. The company operates a hybrid business model around these activities, providing protein expression and process development services for clients, from the laboratory up to clinical trial material for use in humans: the revenues from the services side of the company partly fund the development of an internal pipeline of products in the oncology field, based around recombinant antibodies.


Starting from a total workforce of just two in 1997, Biotecnol operated as a consultancy company, providing consultancy services to Portuguese pharmaceutical companies, and also European biotech companies. Furthermore, several R&D grants, both from the Portuguese government and the European Commission, complemented the financing of the company activities. In 2000, Biotecnol attracted its first investment and was able to begin independent activities. This allowed Biotecnol to develop into the first pharmaceutical biotech research & development-driven company in Portugal. Further in 2002 Biotecnol accomplished further financing, which allowed Biotecnol to start implementing its actual business model, and which also allowed the transition of Biotecnol from a "technology development" company to a "product development" company. The company's early administrative quarters were located in the TagusPark science park in Oeiras near Lisbon, Portugal and the research and development facilities were located nearby. The company was funded through a mixture of private funding (72%) and Portuguese venture capital (28%).

During Q1 2006, Biotecnol consolidated all its activities into the current facility, a fully integrated 800 m2 biologics development facilities and offices at Lagoas Park in Oeiras, Portugal. To further complement this, and to expand activities into North America, Biotecnol has also established a wholly owned subsidiary, Biotecnol Pharmaceuticals Inc, in Durham, North Carolina, USA in 2008.

In addition to these activities, Biotecnol also co-founded the Portuguese Bio-Industries Association (APBio) in 1998 to promote the development of a biotechnological industry in Portugal. APBio is part of the European Bioindustries Association (EuropaBio), which represents over 600 European companies.

The founders

Biotecnol was founded jointly by Dr Pedro de Noronha Pissarra, the current chairman and chief executive officer, and Dr Andrew Kelly. Dr Kelly's training included work as part of the European Community ECLAIR-funded project on commercially significant phytopathogenic fungi. After work on Escherichia coli at King's College, London, he used his expert know-how to help create & oversee all of Biotecnol's research programmes, and take control of all intellectual property issues. Dr de Noronha Pissarra has worked at numerous institutions, including King's College, London, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA and the Centre for Biotechnology of the Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby. To complement this scientific training he has also obtained a Master's Degree in science and technology management and commercialisation.

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