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Bishop of Birmingham

For the Roman Catholic bishop, see Archbishop of Birmingham.
Bishop of Birmingham
David Urquhart
Province Canterbury
Diocese Birmingham
Cathedral St. Philip's, Birmingham
First incumbent Charles Gore
Formation 1905

The Bishop of Birmingham heads the Church of England diocese of Birmingham, in the Province of Canterbury, in England.

The diocese covers the North West of the historical county of Warwickshire and has its see in the City of Birmingham, West Midlands, where the seat of the diocese is located at the Cathedral Church of Saint Philip which was elevated to cathedral status in 1905.

The Bishop's residence is Bishop's Croft in Harborne, Birmingham.[1]

The office has existed since the foundation of the see in 1905 from the Diocese of Worcester under King Edward VII.[2]

The present bishop is the Rt Revd David Urquhart, who was inaugurated on 17 November 2006. He was formerly suffragan Bishop of Birkenhead in the Diocese of Chester.[3]

The bishop is assisted, throughout the whole diocese, by the suffragan Bishop of Aston.

List of bishops

Bishops of Birmingham
From Until Incumbent Notes
1905 1911 Charles Gore Translated from Worcester; nominated 20 January and invested 27 January 1905; translated to Oxford, 17 October 1911.
1911 1924 Henry Wakefield Nominated 20 October and consecrated 28 October 1911; resigned 1 August 1924; died 9 January 1933.
1924 1953 Ernest Barnes Previously a Canon of Westminster since 1918; nominated 1 September and consecrated 29 September 1924; resigned April 1953 and died 29 November 1953.
1953 1969 Leonard Wilson Previously Bishop of Singapore (as a POW) 1941–1948 then Dean of Manchester since 1948; nominated 30 June and confirmed 28 September 1953; resigned 30 September 1969; died 18 August 1970.
1969 1977 Laurence Brown Translated from Warrington; nominated 7 October and confirmed 9 December 1969; resigned 1 November 1977; died in 1993.
1977 1987 Hugh Montefiore Translated from Kingston-upon-Thames; nominated 7 November 1977 and confirmed 23 February 1978; resigned in 1987; died 13 May 2005.
1987 2002 Mark Santer Translated from Kensington; nominated and confirmed in 1987; resigned 31 May 2002.[4]
2002 2005 John Sentamu Translated from Stepney; nominated 11 June 2002;[4] translated to York in 2005.[5]
2005 2006 Michael Whinney (Acting) Assistant bishop and former Bishop of Southwell; acting in interregnum.
2006 present David Urquhart Translated from Birkenhead; nominated 23 May 2006;[3] inaugurated 17 November 2006.
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