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Bishop of Edmonton (London)

The Bishop of Edmonton is an episcopal title used by an area bishop of the Church of England Diocese of London in the Province of Canterbury, England.[1] The title takes its name after Edmonton, an area in the North of the London Borough of Enfield.

The bishops suffragan of Edmonton have been area bishops since the London area scheme was founded in 1979.[2] The see is currently vacant following the retirement of Peter Wheatley, who began his ministry as suffragan bishop in March 1999[3] and retired at the end of 2014.[4]

The episcopal title of "Bishop of Edmonton" is one of three that are duplicated in the Anglican Communion. The other Bishop of Edmonton is a diocesan bishop in Canada. Although recent bishops of Edmonton[who?] in the Church of England have opposed the ordination of women bishops, the current Bishop of Edmonton in the Anglican Church of Canada is a woman, as was her predecessor; the other two duplicated bishoprics in the Anglican Communion are at Rochester [United States and England], and at Newcastle [Australia and England].)[citation needed]

List of bishops

Bishops of Edmonton
From Until Incumbent Notes
1970 1975 Alan Rogers (1907-2003)
1975 1984 Bill Westwood (1925-1999). First area bishop from 1979; translated to Peterborough
1985 1998 Brian Masters (1932-1998). Died in office. Formerly Bishop of Fulham
1999 31 December 2014 Peter Wheatley (b. 1947). Formerly Archdeacon of Hampstead; retired at the end of 2014
2014 acting Pete Broadbent, area Bishop of Willesden acting area bishop
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