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Bishop of Whitby

The Bishop of Whitby is an episcopal title used by a suffragan bishop of the Church of England Diocese of York, in the Province of York, England.[1] The title takes its name after the town of Whitby in North Yorkshire. The Bishop of Whitby oversees the Archdeaconry of Cleveland. Following Philip North's declining the appointment he had originally accepted in the face of opposition over the issue of women bishops, on 3 July 2014 Paul Ferguson was consecrated as Bishop of Whitby.[2]

The Bishop of Whitby formerly had episcopal oversight of traditionalist parishes in the whole Diocese of York. Bishop Bates agreed not to ordain women and Bishops Ladds and Warner were both opponents of the ordination of women; however with the appointment of Ferguson, a supporter of women's ordination, oversight has been passed to the Bishop of Beverley, Glyn Webster, as PEV.

List of bishops

Bishops of Whitby
From Until Incumbent Notes
1923 1939 Henry Woollcombe (1869–1941). Translated to Selby.
1939 1947 Harold Hubbard (1883–1953). Retired.
1947 1954 Walter Baddeley (1894–1960). Translated to Blackburn.
1954 1961 Philip Wheeldon (1913–1992). Translated to Kimberley and Kuruman.
1961 1972 George Snow (1907–1991). Retired.
1972 1975 John Yates (1925–2008). Translated to Gloucester.
1976 1983 Clifford Barker (b. 1926). Translated to Selby
1983 1999 Gordon Bates (b. 1934). Retired.
1999 2008 Robert Ladds SSC (b. 1941). Retired.
2010 2012 Martin Warner SSC (b. 1958). Translated to Chichester in 2012.
3 July 2014 present Paul Ferguson Previously Archdeacon of Cleveland.[2]


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