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Blanket training

Blanket training is a type of corporal punishment used to discipline infants and toddlers. Proponents believe that blanket training trains very young children to stay on a blanket.

Blanket training is a method adapted from the methods encouraged in To Train Up a Child, a controversial parenting book. The book teaches parents several methods of corporal punishment with instruments;[1] using instruments to inflict pain as a form of discipline is explicitly denounced by the American Academy of Pediatrics.[2] To Train Up a Child has been linked to the deaths of several children whose parents owned the book and used its methods.[3]

To blanket train a child, a caretaker places the infant or toddler on a blanket and inflicts pain on the child when he or she attempts to leave the blanket. Proponents of blanket training believe that eventually the child will stay on the blanket without adult intervention or enforcement because the child has come to associate leaving the blanket with pain.


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