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Blastus was the chamberlain of Herod Agrippa (Acts 12:20), and a mediator for the Sidonians and Tyrians.[1] Blastus was involved in the events that led to Herod's death.

Biblical account

According to Acts 12:20, Herod was displeased with the people of Sidon and Tyre (Lebanon),[2] and forbade the export of food to them. Dependent on the food exports, the Sidonians and Tyrians made Blastus "their friend" (possibly through bribery[3]). Blastus helped them obtain an audience with Herod. Acts 12:23 states that Herod was struck dead by God when the people of Sidon and Tyre offered him worship.

Other contemporary accounts

The story of Herod's death is somewhat corroborated by the contemporary historian Josephus.[4] However Josephus does not mention the involvement of Blastus.

In popular culture

The 2010 Cartoon Network television show Robotomy includes a character named Blastus, who is an "outsider" robot that lives on the planet of Insanus. Voiced by John Gemberling, Blustus is unlike most robots on Insanus, in being sensitive and non-homicidal. In his quest to become popular, he is incredibly impulsive and overconfident in his abilities. He is the sidekick to another robot, Thrasher.[citation needed]

Miles Franklin wrote a novella entitled "Old Blastus of Bandicoot" (1931), about a stubborn old Australian merino farmer.

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