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Place of origin Finland, Sweden
Main ingredients Potatoes, flour, blood
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Blodpalt is an old-fashioned dish still fairly common in northern Finland and parts of northern Sweden. The dish's history goes back to a time when the households carefully made use of all parts of the animals to get enough food.

Blodpalt is essentially palt, a north Finnish dumpling made from barley or rye flour and (but not always) grated raw potatoes, with blood added to the dough, which makes it a more nutritious meal that was often eaten during the dark and long winter.[1]

In Lapland, blodpalt is usually made with reindeer blood, and rye or wheat flour, but no potatoes,[1] and served either as dumplings in a soup, or with unsmoked bacon. In other parts of northern Sweden, blodpalt is made the same way as regular bacon-filled palt, but with blood added to the dough.


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