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Bloomberg TV Indonesia

Bloomberg TV Indonesia
Launched July 11, 2013
Owned by Bloomberg L.P.
Picture format 16:9 (720p, HDTV)
Slogan Memperkaya Anda
Country Indonesia
Language Indonesian
Broadcast area Indonesia
Headquarters The City Tower, 9th floor, Jl. M.H. Thamrin no. 81. Jakarta
Availability Nasional
Arek TV 48 UHF (Surabaya)
BCTV 21 UHF (Bandung)
CTV Banten 26 UHF (Jabodetabek & Banten)
CTV Kudus 51 UHF (Kudus & Pati)
CTV Manado 58 UHF (Manado)
Carlita TV 52 UHF (Pandeglang)
Depok TV 62 UHF (Depok)
Gamalama TV 26 UHF (Ternate)
Mahakam TV 39 UHF (Samarinda)
Molluca TV 26 UHF (Ambon)
Siger TV 46 UHF (Lampung)
TV8 38 UHF (Balikpapan)
Kretek TV 7 VHF (Biak) (Coming Soon)
Palapa D (Indonesia) 4080 H 130427
First Media (Indonesia) Channel 13
BiG TV (Indonesia) Channel 681
Transvision (Indonesia) Channel 317
Nexmedia (Indonesia) Channel 708
Viva+ (Indonesia) Channel 13

Bloomberg TV Indonesia is a 24-hour business news channel in Indonesia, owned by Idea Karya Indonesia. It was launched on July 11, 2013 on First Media.[1] Most of its live programs are broadcast from a high definition studio in the heart of Jakarta .

As the first international business channel aired in the Indonesian language,[2] Bloomberg TV Indonesia not only delivers news in numbers and data, but also provides insights and analysis on market movements, as well as the decision-makers' thoughts in Indonesia. Its coverage is supported by Bloomberg Television news network. By this support, Bloomberg TV Indonesia will bring a new perspective for Indonesia.

Bloomberg TV Indonesia defines itself as a trusted reference for business by ensuring its capacity to be the main source of recommendation and inspiration for investment opportunity seekers, business people, and entrepreneurs.

Bloomberg TV Indonesia's programs will be focusing on information and education in economics, financing, and also business sector to fulfill Indonesian people's demand. Especially for those who are in the middle class of economy, which the number still continues to increase in this country. Bloomberg TV Indonesia broadcast will be also enriched by 20% of international contents.

By having the "Enrich You" slogan, Bloomberg TV Indonesia sharpens and deepens itself to provide knowledge and reviews about business updates with the purpose to accommodate and inspire Indonesian people to achieve a better life.


Bloomberg TV Indonesia is available on many platforms like terrestrial (free to air) via various local TV networks in Indonesia, Pay TV (First Media channel 13, BIGTV channel 681, Transvision channel 317, Nexmedia channel 708, Viva+ channel 13, Topas TV, Max3, Neo, dan Innovate), and Over-the-Top content (OTT) (Mivo TV and Domikado application, Vivall). Live TV streaming is also provided on the official website, with video on demand from Bloomberg TV Indonesia’s programs. All latest news and updates can be accessed via Bloomberg TV Indonesia’s social media accounts.

Bloomberg TV Indonesia is broadcast on these local TV networks

1. CTV BANTEN Jabodetabek
2. SIGER TV Lampung
3. CARLITA TV Pandeglang
4. DELAPAN TV Balikpapan
6. CTV MANADO Manado
7. CELEBES TV Minahasa
8. GAMALAMA TV Ternate
9. CINDAI TV Tanjung Pinang
11. SEMBILAN TV Banjarmasin
12. CCTV Indramayu
13. CIREMAI TV Kuningan
14. BCTV Bandung
15. CIREBON TV Cirebon
16. LAMPURA TV Kotabumi Lampung
17. CTV KUDUS Kudus
18. CENTRO TV Jambi
19. MAHAKAM TV Samarinda
20. DEPOK TV Depok & North Kalimantan
21. AREK TV Surabaya
22. KRETEK TV Biak (Coming Soon)


Bloomberg TV Indonesia's programming is focused on information and education in the economic, financial and business sector to address the needs of Indonesians, especially the rising number of middle class in the country.[3] Most of its broadcasts are based on local business and economic program (80%) and enriched with international programs (20%).

8 hours of its 24-hour broadcast are filled with live news programs and the rest are filled with programs that has a relation with business, economics and entrepreneurship world. Bloomberg Indonesian TV also broadcast some of the programs from the international Bloomberg TV channel. Details for Bloomberg Indonesia TV programs can be found on


Live Shows

Non Live Shows


Bloomberg TV Indonesia is available in many platform, such as terrestrial (through several local television channels by networking system), satellite, and Over-the-Top content (OTT) (such as Mivo TV, Domikado, Vivall app). Beside that, its official website is also provide live streaming completed with video on demand from the channel's program.

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