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Body Count (1987 film)

Body Count
File:Camping del Terrore.jpg
Directed by Ruggero Deodato
Produced by Alessandro Fracassi
Written by Alessandro Capone (as Alex Capone)
Dardano Sacchetti (as David Parker Jr.)
Sheila Goldberg
Luca D'Alisera
Starring Charles Napier
David Hess
Bruce Penhall
Mimsy Farmer
Music by Claudio Simonetti
Cinematography Emilio Loffredo
Edited by Eugenio Alabiso
Distributed by DMEG
Hollywood DVD Ltd.
Magna Pacific
Palace Home Video
Release dates
  • 1986 (1986)
Running time
87 min (90 min: uncut release)
Country Italy/United States
Language English
Budget Unknown

Body Count (released in Italy as Camping del Terrore) is a 1986 slasher/horror film directed by Ruggero Deodato.

Body Count is one of the numerous sub-categorized "backwoods slashers" that occurred during the eighties made famous by Friday the 13th franchise and The Burning, along with such others as Don't Go in the Woods, Mother's Day, Just Before Dawn, Madman, The Final Terror and The Prey.


The film begins as two students named Rosie and Tom excuse themselves from a Basketball game and head to a campground where it reveals that the campground was built on a haunted Indian burial ground, adopted by an ancient Indian shaman to watch over the groundside. After Tom and Rosie finish having sex, Rosie heads out and goes to an abandoned police car, only to see that the Shaman is watching her through the bushes and to Rosie's shock, she goes inside the police car and only to see that the Shaman uses a chef's knife to pierce through the seat, in which Rosie escapes out of the car and in the progress, gets stabbed in the hand.

As Tom searches around for Rosie, Rosie hides inside a log, where the Shaman uses a carving knife and stabs her through the log, killing her. Tom heads to the log and looks inside, only to see the Shaman in Rosie's clothing and stabs Tom in the neck with the chef's knife. Soon, a kid looks behind the log and witness the deaths of Rosie and Tom.



Bodycount's filming began in October of 1985 in Abruzzo, Italy and was finished in November of the same year, but had a limited release in the United States in 1986 and had a release in Italy in 1987


The film has been released on DVD in Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom.[1] As of 2011, the film was not theatrically released in the United States. It was released on video as Body Count however.

Critical reception

Allmovie called it a "derivative slasher entry" and "one of Deodato's least interesting films."[2]


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