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Bolivians in Brazil

Bolivians in Brazil
Total population
about 300,000[1]
Regions with significant populations


Mainly Southeastern Brazil
Center-Western Brazil  · border regions and some metropolises along Northern Brazil
Spanish  · Portuguese
Minority: Guaraní  · Aymará  · possibly other Amerindian languages as Quechua
Mostly Roman Catholicism
Agnosticism, Atheism, Folk religions.
Related ethnic groups
other Brazilian, Hispanic and Hispanophone people

Bolivians in Brazil are individuals of full, partial, or predominantly Bolivian ancestry, or a Bolivian-born person residing in Brazil. The governments of Bolivia and Brazil have begun to develop an agreement to regularize the situation of several thousand undocumented Bolivian immigrants in Brazil. [2] According to estimates by the Ministry's of Latin American immigrants and the National Association of Immigrants from Brazil more than 200,000 Bolivians are working illegally in São Paulo.[3][4]

Notable Bolivian Brazilians


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