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Brain Drain (comics)

Brain Drain
Brain Drain as featured in a panel from Invaders #2 (Oct. 1975). Art by Frank Robbins.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance

Giant Size Invaders #1 (June 1975) ( First mentioned)

Invaders #2 (Oct. 1975) (Appearance)
Created by Roy Thomas and Frank Robbins
In-story information
Alter ego Werner Schmidt
Team affiliations Omega Flight
Abilities Mind control, robot body

Brain Drain is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appears in Invaders #2 (Oct. 1975) and was created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Frank Robbins.

Fictional character biography

Werner Schmidt first appears as Brain Drain in the title Invaders, leading a group of beings claiming to be Teutonic gods against the World War II superhero team the Invaders. Brain Drain recounts in flashback his origin to Captain America, explaining how a falling meteorite all but killed him. The meteorite was in fact a spaceship, with the four alien inhabitants saving Schmidt's brain and eyes and placing them in a robot form. With his brain waves heightened during the process, Schmidt dubs himself Brain Drain and taking mental control of the aliens - which he calls "Star Gods" - renames them after old German gods: Donar, Log, Froh, and Brunnhilde. When Brunnhilde is released, she taunts Brain Drain into committing suicide in a vat of chemicals, which destroy the characters. The Invaders escape as the aliens then destroy themselves and the installation.[1]

The character's is mentioned by fellow Nazi villain the Red Skull in the title Marvel Premiere,[2] and reappears in a two part story in the title Marvel Two-In-One, and together with Nazi allies Master Man, U-Man and Skyshark plans to sabotage New York City with a new super weapon. The plan, however, is foiled by time travelling Fantastic Four member the Thing and the Liberty Legion.[3]

The title Alpha Flight reveals that Brain Drain's brain casing is apparently lost in the snow below a mountain for decades, and is rescued after taking mental control of a nearby hiker. The character allies himself with the Master, a perennial foe of the superhero team Alpha Flight. Joining the Master's team Omega Flight in a new robot body, Brain Drain and other villains battle the heroes on several occasions, before finally being defeated.[4]

Brain Drain is mentioned in the one shot Miss America Comics 70th Anniversary Special, as heroine Miss America believes the character to be the mastermind behind a Nazi plan.[5]


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