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Breast ultrasound

Breast ultrasound
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ICD-9-CM 88.73
MeSH D016217

Breast ultrasound is the use of medical ultrasonography to perform imaging of the breast.

It can be considered either a diagnostic or a screening procedure.[1]

It may be used either with or without a mammogram.[2]

It may be useful in younger women, where the denser fibrous tissue of the breast may make mammograms more difficult to interpret.[3]

Automated whole-breast ultrasound (AWBU) is an ultrasound investigation of the breast that is largely independent of the operator skill and that allows to reconstruct volumetric images of the breast.

Using high-frequency ultrasound, a diagnostic evaluation of the lactiferous ducts by means of ultrasound (duct sonography) can be performed.[4] In this manner, dilated ducts and intraductal masses can be made visible. Another technique for visualizing the system of lactiferous ducts is galactography, which allows a wider area of the lactiferous duct system to be visualized.[5]

A type of ultrasound examination to measure tissue stiffness, which is used to detect tumours, is elastography.

Breast ultrasound is also used to perform fine-needle aspiration biopsy and ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration of breast abscesses.[6]


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