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British Traditional Wicca

British Traditional Wicca (abbreviated BTW) is the set of Wiccan traditions originating in the New Forest region of England. The most prominent of these traditions are Gardnerian Wicca and Alexandrian Wicca, but other traditions (either derived from them or claiming a shared New Forest history), such as Central Valley Wicca, are also considered to be British Traditional Wicca.[1] In the case of some traditions (such as Blue Star Wicca), some lines are considered to be British Traditional Wicca and some are not.

British Traditional Wicca is not to be confused with British Traditional Witchcraft (as explained below).

History of the term

The term "wicca" is well-attested as the Old English word for "[male] witch", the female form being "wicce" both older forms of the Modern English "witch".[2] In modern usage, however, it came into the public lexicon with the works of Gerald Gardner, with the spelling "wica".[3][4]

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