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Brooke Logan

Brooke Logan
The Bold and the Beautiful character
Portrayed by
Duration 1987–
First appearance March 23, 1987
Created by William J. Bell
Introduced by William J. Bell
Book appearances Collision Course (2013)
Second Chances (2014)
Sunset Love (2014)
The Young and the Restless
Classification Present; regular
Occupation Model, businesswoman

Brooke Logan Forrester (formerly Chambers, Jones, and Marone) is a fictional character from the CBS Daytime soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. She has been portrayed by Katherine Kelly Lang since the series's debut in March 1987. The character is part of the original four central characters and actors (including her onscreen double-decade long love and husband, Ridge Forrester, and his parents Stephanie Forrester and Eric Forrester). Over the years, she has developed into a business woman working at Forrester Creations and a mother to five children: Rick, Bridget, Hope, R.J. and Jack. Her character is described as having "emerged as the show's quintessential heroine, always in turmoil and forever symbolic of true love and destiny prevailing."[1] In addition, the character has had longtime rivalries with Stephanie Forrester and Dr. Taylor Hayes.

Character creation and casting

Katherine Kelly Lang debuted as the character in 1987, and continues the portray the role today. In 1987, she was briefly replaced by Catherine Hickland while Lang was on sick leave.[citation needed] In 1997, Sandra Ferguson filled in for a small amount of time during Lang's maternity leave.[citation needed] In 2012, Lang announced that she had signed a two-year contract with the series, ensuring her stay until 2014.[2] The world-wide success of The Bold and the Beautiful has meant world-wide controversy among fans for this most controversial of characters. As far away from the U.S.A. as Kenya, men heatedly condemn this "evil" and "wicked" woman, while women praise her for being "independent and put[ting] men where they belong."[3] In 2013, she received her first Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series nomination her portrayal of Brooke after 25 years of joining the soap.[4]

Character development

Lang, who is known for her ready smile and engaging manner, has confessed to sometimes calling Ronn Moss (Ridge) his onscreen name, Ridge; "Sometimes I just call him Ridge out of habit" she has confessed to the Sydney Morning Herald.[5] Lang said of the ongoing plots and twists in the relationship: "Ridge and Brooke will always be connected [but] the heart of the drama is what happens when true love is thawarted.".[5] During an interview with Who! On January 29, 2008, actress Katherine Kelly Lang was asked "What do you like about your character Brooke Logan?",[6] Lang stated "I like that she doesn't give up, no matter how depressed she may be or the bad things that she may be going through, she always bounces back", highlighting the continuing resilience within the character. She also said "I think she has a real grasp of things, even though she still doesn't have her love life under control but, hopefully, that will come together too," and at the end of the way she wants her character to be "Happy".[6]

In mid-2010, Taylor's (Brooke Forrester's nemesis) daughter Steffy Forrester began going after Hope Logan (Brooke's now teen daughter)'s boyfriends. This re-ignited both Taylor and Brooke's rivalry and began a new generation rivalry. Bradley Bell stated on this: "is exciting to see Brooke and Taylor in the more maternal roles. Brooke has a daughter -- miraculously -- who is sweet and a virgin. She is just a darling; and Taylor has a daughter who is trouble. She knows how to manipulate men and she is very sexual [Like Brooke]".[7] Of the character's "accidental" infidelity with her daughter's (Hope) boyfriend Oliver Jones, Lang stated: "She was excited and high on her hormones" during an interview with Michael Fairman.[8] Hope began to become more like her mother when she became more sexual in her relationship with Liam's half-brother, Wyatt Spencer. And the fact that she was dating two half brothers, Liam and Wyatt, at the same time, just as Brooke did with Nick Marone and Ridge Forrester. Ivy Forrester kept stating Hope is a lot like Brooke and so did Stephanie.



Brooke is the eldest of the Logan sisters. She studied chemistry during her early days in college. Brooke is the daughter of Beth and Stephen Logan, the elder sister of Donna Logan (currently played by Jennifer Gareis) and Katie Logan (Heather Tom), and the younger sister of Storm Logan (played by William deVry at the time of his death, 2008). She worked for her family's catering family who often served rich pillars of the community (including the Forrester family).


Brooke and Ridge met when she asked her mother to help cater a Forrester party so she could meet Ridge. She fell instantly in love with the handsome playboy Ridge, who was engaged to be married to Caroline Spencer. After finding out that Ridge had spent the night with Alex, Caroline collapsed at the wedding and broke it off with Ridge. Caroline was raped shortly after that and Brooke sneaked into the hospital to meet her and befriend her so she could get into the rich and wealthy circle. Brooke was so smitten with Ridge that she broke off her engagement to David, a police officer, because even her brother knew she would never be happy on a cop's pay. Hiding a letter Ridge wrote to Caroline spilling his heart to her and telling her he loved her, Brooke conspired with Thorne to keep Ridge and Caroline apart. Caroline became engaged to Thorne and Brooke seduced Ridge, becoming pregnant. When Ridge found out, he proposed but both Ridge and Caroline hid their true feelings for each other. Once Brooke lost the baby in a tragic miscarriage, Ridge broke off a relationship with her and began chasing Caroline again. Caroline broke it off with Thorne after admitting she was still in love with Ridge and they quickly married. A devastated Brooke turned to Eric for comfort and ended up pregnant with Rick, so Eric married her. Ridge met and fell in love with Taylor Hayes, the doctor who cared for Caroline before his wife and on their wedding day, Brooke ran to find them thinking she was pregnant with Ridge's child when in fact she was pregnant with Eric's second child, Bridget.

Brooke later had a short marriage to a man named Grant Chambers in 1995 after her attempts at blackmailing Ridge into leaving Taylor for her failed, and she put Grant in charge of the company. In 1998, Taylor became pregnant with Ridge's child; however, she told everyone the baby belonged to Thorne after seeing who she believed to be Ridge in bed with Brooke. In reality, Brooke conned a drunken Ridge into her bed and Ridge rebuked her. Brooke later became interested in Thorne and overcame obstacles with him and his then wife, Macy. Macy was killed in a car accident, which Brooke survived. Thorne and Brooke parted ways, and she turned her attention back to Ridge, who was still married to Taylor. Brooke was later tricked by the Forrester family into traveling to Paris to keep away from the happily married Taylor and Ridge (who had since had twins, Steffy and Phoebe). After she came back, Brooke had an affair with her daughter Bridget's husband, Deacon Sharpe. Bridget was disgusted by this, and later Brooke gave birth to a daughter named Hope Logan as a result of the scandalous affair. Briefly during the pregnancy, she married a Forrester co-worker Whip Jones to cover up her adulterous affair.

When Taylor was murdered by deranged nurse Sheila Carter, Ridge and Brooke found their way back to one another. Sheila returned and later held Ridge, Brooke and the Sailor who arrived in L.A., Nick Marone hostage for ransom. Ridge was briefly presumed dead after falling into a fire pit, and Brooke slept with Nick while mourning. Ridge returned and Brooke later fell pregnant and gave birth to R.J. (Ridge Junior) Forrester. The baby was initially thought to be Nick's child, but later proved to be Ridge's. When Taylor returned from the dead In 2005, Stephanie Forrester faked a heart attack and asked for her dying wish to be Ridge and Taylor's reunion. Brooke moved out of Ridge's life, and began a relationship with Nick in 2006. She faced complications as Nick was also in an on-again, off-again relationship with her daughter Bridget. She and Nick divorced for the sake of Bridget's ill- fated pregnancy (the baby was stillborn). In 2007, Brooke tried to interfere with Ridge's relationship with Ashley Abbott. She left town after being practically pushed out by Stephanie, who had supported Ashley and Ridge's relationship.

Brooke started to go after Nick again. When Taylor and Nick (together now) decided to have a baby, they needed an egg donor. After baby Jack was born, it was revealed that Brooke was the biological mother of the baby and the eggs were hers through a mix up. Taylor had an emotional breakdown and recovered, and decided to share Jack with Brooke so that the child could have a biological connection. In 2009, Taylor and Brooke began to fight for Ridge's affections once again after Taylor's relationship with Brooke's much younger son Rick. Taylor and Ridge married; however, he returned to Brooke shortly after. In 2010, Brooke repeated history, as she had once done with Deacon and Bridget, when she accidentally had sex with Hope's then-boyfriend, Oliver Jones, and like Bridget, Hope forgave her. In 2011, Brooke and Thomas, while on a business trip to promote Thomas' Taboo men's line at Forrester Creations, ended up stranded on an island. While stranded, Brooke and Thomas ingested poisonous berries as a means of survival. The berries planted the idea that Brooke and Thomas had slept together. When they returned home safely, Stephanie teamed up with Thomas together to come up with the lie that he and Brooke had sex on the island, in order to break up her marriage with Ridge. This allowed Ridge and Taylor to nearly remarry, until Stephanie revealed the truth, allowing Ridge to reunite with Brooke. Ridge proposes to Brooke in Italy. Stephanie offers to organise the wedding at her house; it was a simple ceremony with only family as guests. Ridge and Brooke leave for their honeymoon after the speeches have taken place. While on their honeymoon, Brooke is in touch with Deacon via text, and Ridge finds out, but when he asks Brooke about it, she denies it. Ridge tells Brooke he can no longer take the lies and tells her he will not be returning home with her. Brooke arrives home without Ridge to deal with Katie.

When Katie, who is suffering from post-partum depression, walks out on the marriage, Brooke and Bill, Katie's husband, grow closer and share a kiss. When Katie's back, she forgives the two. Brooke and Bill collaborated to re-launch the Brooke's Bedroom line at Forrester Creations. Brooke and Bill spend time together and Brooke tries to help Bill with the distance in his marriage to Katie. Katie is upset at their growing closeness despite their reassurances that nothing was going on. Eventually Brooke and Bill begin an affair, but after sleeping together they decide to break things off for Katie's sake. After suffering worrying symptoms, such as a fever and not sleeping well, Brooke decides to visit her doctor. The doctor says that its menopause and that they will have to run tests. When Brooke gets the test results back, she is shocked to discover that she is pregnant with Bill's baby. Hurt and deeply upset, she turns to Eric, who's in a relationship with Taylor, and asks him to say the baby is his. In this way she hopes to keep her indiscretion from Katie and hide her pregnancy from Bill. Eric refuses and urges her to come clean to both Katie and Bill. Taylor who has suspected that Brooke and Bill were having an affair finds out about the pregnancy. At a surprise birthday party for Brooke, Taylor tells the guests including Katie about the affair. By that time, Brooke's body had mysteriously 'absorbed' the pregnancy according to her doctor and she was hoping it would never come out.

In popular culture

R&B singer Tamar Braxton named her son Logan after the character of Brooke Logan, due to her husband's love of the show.[9]


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