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Brown Snout

Brown Snout is a 19th-century variety of cider apple originating in Herefordshire in the United Kingdom, though now grown in other counties and parts of the world.


The Brown Snout cultivar of apple is said to have been discovered on the farm of a Mr Dent at Yarkhill, Herefordshire, in the middle of the 19th century.[1] Formerly a popular apple cultivar, it was planted in orchards across the west Midlands and, less commonly, in parts of the West Country. The Brown Snout is very popular in traditional cider making and is used by various producers including The Tricky Cider Co.


It is a late-flowering variety, classed as a "bittersweet" apple, with relatively high tannins and low levels of malic acid. The fruit are small and green, with patches of russeting, and a large patch of russeting at the calyx end, giving the variety its name.

Brown Snout is very susceptible to fire blight.


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