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Template:Infobox Italian comune Bruzolo (pop. 1489) is a commune of the Province of Turin in the Italian region Piedmont. Located some Script error: No such module "convert". west of Turin, in the lower Susa Valley, it is a member of the Comunità Montana Bassa Valle di Susa e Val Cenischia. Bruzolo borders the following municipalities: Usseglio, Condove, Chianocco, San Didero, and San Giorio di Susa.[1][2][3]

The town of Bruzolo is the main population centre of the commune and is its capoluogo. It stands to the left of the river Dora Riparia on an alluvial fan formed over the millennia by debris deposited by the Pissaglio and other minor torrents. The municipal territory also includes farmland and factories on the flood-plain of the Dora Riparia, and extends over the forested southern slopes of Punta Lunella, elevation Script error: No such module "convert"., where there is a scattering of hamlets: Campobenedetto, Meisonardi, Comba, Bigiardi, Lunera, Coletto, Chiotetti, Seinera and Combette.[4][5][6]

Demographic evolution

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