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Bucca tornado

Bucca tornado
File:Bucca Tornado.jpg
Bucca Tornado
Formed 29 November 1992 2:30pm EST
Maximum rated tornado1 F4 tornado
Damage Unknown
Fatalities None
Areas affected Bucca
1Most severe tornado damage; see Fujita scale

The Bucca tornado was one of the most violent tornadoes ever observed in Australia, being the first Australian tornado to be officially rated F4 on the Fujita scale.[1] It occurred near the township of Bucca (near Bundaberg) in Queensland on 29 November 1992 at around 2:20pm AEST. The tornado was accompanied by cricket-ball sized hail across Bucca and Bullyard regions.

It damaged or destroyed nine houses, some flattened to the ground. Trees were snapped and stones were found embedded into tree trunks. Several tree saplings were speared into the walls of homes. A refrigerator from one home was blown away and never found. A 3 ton truck was also thrown Script error: No such module "convert". and approximately 20 cattle were killed.[2]

The weather system that spawned the Bucca tornado was also responsible for an F3 tornado at Oakhurst.

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