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Budapest Reference Connectome

Budapest Reference Connectome
File:Budapest Reference Connectome.png
Budapest Reference Connectome
Developer(s) Balázs Szalkai, Csaba Kerepesi, Bálint Varga, Vince Grolmusz
Stable release 2.0
Written in Perl, Javascript, WebGL
Available in English
Type Connectomics

The Budapest Reference Connectome is a depiction of the anatomical connections, or connectome, of 96 healthy people collectively.[1] It has been computed from diffusion MRI datasets of the Human Connectome Project into a reference connectome (or brain graph), which can be downloaded and visualized in 3D.


The Budapest Reference Connectome has 1015 nodes, but those corresponding to the same larger cerebral area are drawn at the same spot, for a cleaner view. You can use your mouse to zoom and rotate, and and if you click a node you can see only the connections of that node.


Budapest Reference Connectome is a combination of the brain graphs of 96 subjects. Only those edges are selected which are present in a given percentage of the graphs. Each of the selected edges has a certain weight in each of the graphs containing that edge, so these multiple weights are combined into a single weight, by taking either their mean or median. The user interface allows customization of these parameters. There is an option for viewing the female or male reference connectome.


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