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Buzz and Boomer

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Buzz and Boomer are the official mascots of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

2 large blue colored birds, Buzz and Boomer made their debut in 1984 at Winnipeg Stadium. Upon their inception they quickly became fan favorites. The two birds are now found at Investors Group Field the Winnipeg Blue Bombers new home stadium. During the offseason they usually appear at various events on behalf of, or hosted by, the Blue Bombers organization.

  • Buzz- Wears a Bombers helmet, flying goggles, and a jersey blue jersey with number 01 he also has a long yellow beak. Buzz tends to be the more daring of the two mascots. Performs the majority of the stunts of the duo.
  • Boomer- Taller and leaner than Buzz, Boomer is more laid back than his counterpart. Spends more time cheering up the crowd than performing wild stunts. He wears a Bomber football helmet and a gold jersey with number 00, Boomer has a short, broad beak.

In 2012, an incident, involving a fan running down the field and tackling Buzz during a game, occurred.[1]


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