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Céline Dion en concert (tour)

Céline Dion en concert
Tour by Celine Dion
Associated album Mélanie
Start date January 1985 (1985-01)
End date 2 June 1985 (1985-06-02)
Legs 1
Shows 42 in Canada
Celine Dion concert chronology

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Céline Dion en concert was the first concert tour by Canadian singer Celine Dion. The tour visited Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick in Canada.[1]


In early November 1984, René Angélil and pianist Alain Noreau, who was to act as orchestrator and conductor, began planning the tour of Quebec. Rehearsals started in late December 1984 and soon Angélil realized that Noreau was not up to the job. He called Paul Baillargeon, who'd written the music for "Une colombe," and asked him to replace Noreau. Baillargeon agreed. At this point, the band was made up of six musicians and two backup singers. The tour kicked off in January 1985 in La Sarre. Shortly afterwards, in February 1985, Angélil's wife Anne Renée left him and later sued for divorce. The tour stopped.[1]


On 12 March 1985, Dion gave a press conference to announce her first real concert tour. It got back on track in Amos on 26 March 1985. The show was changed slightly. Some songs had been added, others were eliminated. The overall image was younger and funkier. Paul Baillargeon put together a new band. He kept the two backup singers Simon Leclerc and Catherine Léveillée and hired Florent Richard on bass, Gilles Valiquette took care of the guitars, synthesizers and sequencers. With Baillargeon's keyboards, drums and the strings and woodwinds added by the sequencers, the sound was smooth, rich and modern.[1]

Concert synopsis

The show was diverse in the extreme. It was Dion's first real tour and it was designed to show what she could do. There were several Eddy Marnay songs, Paul Baillargeon's "Une colombe," Hubert Giraud's "Mamy Blue," and medley of songs by Félix Leclerc and Michel Legrand. Dion even sang an aria from Georges Bizet's opera, Carmen. She also performed English-language songs, including "Over the Rainbow," "What a Feeling" and " Up Where We Belong" (in duet with Baillargeon).[1]

Critical reception

Céline Dion en concert received positive reviews. The critics compared Dion to the world's greatest singers and said she had a way of touching people. Dion reminded them of Édith Piaf and the great female jazz voices.[1]

Commercial response

The tour turned out to be much more successful than expected. Extra performances were added and instead of twenty-four shows since January 1985, Dion soon reached the forty-second in May 1985. Between 26 March 1985 and 2 June 1985, she gave thirty-six performances in twenty-five cites in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.[1]

Broadcasts and recordings

The concert at the Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier in the Montreal's Place des Arts on 31 May 1985 was recorded and released on LP and cassette in late 1985. It was titled Céline Dion en concert.[1]

Set list

  1. Ouverture "La première fois"
  2. "Chante-moi"
  3. "Mon ami m'a quittée"
  4. Hommage à Félix Leclerc: "Bozo/Le p'tit bonheur/Moi, mes souliers/Attends-moi "ti-gars"/Le train du nord"
  5. "Mon rêve de toujours"
  6. "Mamy Blue"
  7. "Avec toi"
  8. "Up Where We Belong" (duo avec Paul Baillargeon)
  9. "Benjamin"
  10. "Tellement j'ai d'amour pour toi"
  11. "Mélanie"
  12. "Visa pour les beaux jours"
  13. "Un amour pour moi"
  14. "Trop jeune à dix-sept ans"
  15. "Ce n'était qu'un rêve"
  16. "Over the Rainbow"
  17. Hommage à Michel Legrand: "Quand on s'aime/Brûle pas tes doigts/La valse du lilas/Quand ça balance/Les moulins de mon cœur"
  18. "C'est pour toi"
  19. Carmen "L'amour est enfant de bohême"
  20. "Va où s'en va l'amour"
  21. "Amoureuse"
  22. "D'amour ou d'amitié"
  23. "What a Feeling"
  24. "Une colombe"
  25. "Les chemins de ma maison"
  26. "Finale "La première fois"

Tour dates

Date City Country Venue
North America
January 1985 La Sarre Canada
26 March 1985 Amos
30 March 1985 Val-d'Or Le Carrefour College
25 April 1985 Jonquière CEGEP
31 May 1985 Montreal Place des Arts
1 June 1985
2 June 1985


  • Celine Dion – lead vocals
  • Paul Baillargeon – conductor, piano, arrangements
  • Gilles Valiquette – guitar, computer
  • Gilles Pinard – guitar
  • Michel Cyr – keyboards
  • Floriant Richard – bass
  • Serge Gratton – drums, percussion
  • Margot Morris – harp
  • Monique Lacasse – backing vocals
  • Frédérique Bédard – backing vocals
  • Harvey Robitaille – sound recording
  • Jean Claude Hébert – sound engineer's assistant
  • Maurice Giraud – lighting design
  • Oswald Foisy – stage director


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