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C-type lectin

Lectin C-type domain
File:PDB 1jzn EBI.jpg
Pentameric structure of rattlesnake venom lectin which is a galactose binding lectin.[1]
Symbol Lectin_C
Pfam PF00059
InterPro IPR001304
SCOP 2msb
CDD cd00037

A C-type lectin (CLEC) is a type of carbohydrate-binding protein domain known as a lectin.[2] The C-type designation is from their requirement for calcium for binding.[3] Proteins that contain C-type lectin domains have a diverse range of functions including cell-cell adhesion, immune response to pathogens and apoptosis.[4][5]


Drickamer et al. classified C-type lectins into 7 subgroups (I to VII) based on the order of the various protein domains in each protein.[6] This classification was subsequently updated in 2002, leading to seven additional groups (VIII to XIV).[7] Most recently, three further subgroups were added (XV to XVII).[2]

Group Name Associated domains
I Lecticans EGF, Sushi, Ig and Link domains
II Asialoglycoprotein and DC receptors None
III Collectins None
IV Selectins Sushi and EGF domains
V NK - cell receptors None
VI Multi-CTLD endocytic receptors FnII and Ricin domains
VII Reg group None
VIII Chondrolectin, Layilin None
IX Tetranectin None
X Polycystin WSC, REJ, PKD domains
XI Attractin (ATRN) PSI, EGF and CUB domains
XII Eosinophil major basic protein (EMBP) None
XIV Thrombomodulin EGF domains
XV Bimlec None
XVI SEEC SCP and EGF domains
XVII CBCP/Frem1/QBRICK CSPG repeats and CalX-beta domains

CLECs include:

The "NK Cell lectin-like receptors" are a very closely related group:[8]

Additional proteins containing this domain include:


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